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This little guy rolled over last night. Apparently he was having tummy time and decided he was through with that, pushed up on his arms, and rolled right over onto his back.


We still don’t know what he thought was so funny.

Lincoln’s 1st Thanksgiving

Lincoln’s visit with Santa

Needless to say, I’m having a blast on vacation already.  Lincoln and I have snuggled.  I have given him a bath and fed him several times.  He’s started really looking at me when I feed him like he’s trying to memorize every square inch of my face, and it just melts my heart when he looks at me that way.


Today, Janet and I took Lincoln to see Santa for the first time. Santa was very excited to meet Lincoln. Seems his elves had already told him about our special little boy because Santa was very excited that we brought him. He said that every child’s first Christmas is the most special one for Santa because that’s the one that Santa enjoys and remembers the most. After that the Christmases seem to be all for the kids. Santa was quite proud to get to hold Lincoln, especially since he was wearing a shirt that said, “I Love Santa!” Here are some pictures…


Santa and his newest believer.


Santa expects lots of letters from this little guy.


“Ah, yeah. Santa you’re so soft and cuddly.”


“Have you been a good boy this year, Lincoln?”

We Are NOT Philadelphia

Ok.  Yes…that was rough.  It wasn’t pretty to watch, and it certainly wasn’t something easy to sit through.  Yes, Peyton had a passer rating of 52…up from around 30 something in the 1st half.  Yes, we didn’t score a touchdown in the 1st half for the first time this season.  And, yes, Adam missed 2 field goals like he did in last week’s game.  But here’s a stat for you.  In his 12 seasons in the NFL, he has missed 3 (yes, 3) field goals in the RCA Dome.  All this season.  One 50 yarder in the Patriots game two weeks ago and then the two in the Chiefs game.  Did you know that he has attempted 369 field goals in his career and has only missed 65 of them.  That’s roughly 5 or 6 a season.  And we’re talking about a guy who will be 35 next month.



I understand that Adam received boos when he ran out on the field to attempt his third field goal of the game against the Chiefs…The first points the Colts scored.  That is not cool…and that is not something Colts fans do.  We are not Philadelphia Eagles fans who cheer our team onto the field at the beginning of the game and then boo them as soon as they do something we don’t like.

I will definitely admit that I can criticize the fool out of Peyton Manning and several other players (cough*benutecht*cough), but I’m not saying anything that the team isn’t already telling themselves…nothing that isn’t running through Peyton’s head when he throws an interception.  The difference between criticism and booing is that criticism is at least attempting to be helpful by saying, “this isn’t working…perhaps you should try this.”  Booing is just utter disdain that helps no one figure out what’s going wrong so they can fix it.  It’s just plain anger at the person.  I don’t believe in booing.  Never have.  In fact, if I ever make it to a Colts/Patriots game, I wouldn’t even boo them when they ran out on the field.  I’d probably just ignore the fact that they were there as long as I could.  Some people say it’s part of the game.  It’s something home teams do to show the opponent that we don’t like them.  But really it just shows that you have no class, and the worst kind of no class is when you boo your own team. 

So, knock it off with the booing and just support the dang team, folks.  I think we can all agree that at this point and time in the season when we have lost two games, barely won this last one, and play again on Thursday night, our boys can use all the support we can give them.


Alumni Association

The Colts play the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday afternoon at 1pm ET.  After the injury to Damon Huard last week, the Chiefs are starting Brodie Croyle at quarterback on Sunday.  Brodie is an alumnus of The University of Alabama where he played 4 years including some really bad injuries.

So, here’s my question to the peanut gallery:  Does it make me a bad alumnus if I have a deep desire to call up the Colts in Indianapolis and give them a few insider tips on how to get to Brodie Croyle?

I mean I watched him for 4 years, and though he was a good quarterback for Alabama, he could frustrate me to no end with his desire to run the option and his not so stellar talent in doing so.  So, all I’m saying is that I know his weaknesses and some things that might be beneficial to the Colts as they prepare for the Chiefs.

So, does that make me a bad alumnus if I want to tell on one of my own just so the Colts can get out of this funk?

Vote for Lincoln

Janet sent me these instructions, so I’m passing them on to you. The process is about time consuming, but it’s worth it for our strong little boy who is now 8lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long!!

A radio station in Tampa is having a contest for the cutest baby in Tampa. The winner is determined solely by listener and website viewer votes.

You can only vote once per week per email address. The process is a bit of a pain but with your patience and willingness, Lincoln can win. Here’s how it works:

1.) go to

2.) click on the Baby Idol 2 contest (The scrolling news block on the left hand side under the search block shows you the link to the voting site.)

3.) scroll through all 102 babies in the L-M category. (Yes, 102! This is where the process is a pain… maybe we should have named him something that starts with a “Z”… there are only 16 babies in that category) Lincoln is 25 out of 102 and the only Lincoln in the contest. You can’t miss him. He looks like this:


4.) After you have scrolled through all 102 babies, the link to vote will appear.

5.) Click on his radio button and enter your E-mail address where prompted and submit

6.) Wait! You’re not done just yet. A confirmation E-mail will be sent to the E-mail address you entered. Once you receive the confirmation E-mail, click the link they’ve included and you will be taken back to the L-M baby page, sans the radio buttons. That’s how you know you are done.

7.) Give yourself a sloppy wet kiss from Lincoln! He appreciates your vote.

Open Letters

Dear San Diego Chargers,

Let me get this straight. Peyton Manning has the worst game of his career with 6 interceptions and you have to count on crappy officials, bad timeout management, and a field goal kicker who can’t seem to find the inside of the uprights to save his life to still win the game? Your offense scored a total of 7 points in your 23-21 victory. I don’t count field goals to the offense. Those are special teams points.   And you didn’t score one single point in the second half…turns out (thanks to the refs) you didn’t have to.  Just how bad is your offense, really? I thought you had the best running back in the history of the game. This game should have been a blow out had you appropriately capitalized on the turnovers by a Peyton Manning I haven’t seen the likes of since his rookie season.

That is all. Please return to your regular steroid in take schedule…

Dear Indianapolis Colts,

Please return to Indianapolis the same way you came so that you might pass through that same supernatural anomaly you went through on your way out to California. Perhaps this way we can ensure that the pod people exit your bodies and leave you in your original state. This is especially important for Peyton Manning. I don’t know who that guy was that dressed out in his uniform. At first I thought it was Jim Sorgi, but then I saw him on the sidelines. All I know is that any other team would be calling for their QB’s head if he threw 6 INTs, and I have never been so disappointed in him in his entire career dating back to his college days. I spent most of the first half trying to figure out how the pod people had gotten to the Colts, but y’all made me realize once again that the game isn’t over until the refs take it away from you…er…I mean, til it’s over. I hope you all know that this loss is not on Adam Vinatieri’s head. Yes his kicks, if made, would have won the game, but we lost that game in the 1st quarter. I’m trying to delude myself into the idea that those 6 interceptions were passes meant for Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark who, had they played, would have caught them instead of the guys in baby blue.

Please do something because I didn’t really want to find out what it would be like after Marvin and Peyton retired until…oh I don’t know…they actually retired.

That is all…

Dear Nick Saban,

It is perfectly fine with all Alabama fans if you want to emulate a former Alabama coach. However, we would prefer you didn’t choose Mike Shula as your hero.

That is all…


Public Announcement

Yes, I’m mad, but I don’t know who or what I’m mad at.  I am not mad that we lost.  I am not mad that we are no longer undefeated.  I am mad that we lost to THEM.

That is all I’m going to say about it.  And I don’t want to discuss it any further.

Trick or Treat

I had a very special trick or treater last night. Jilianbug came by to visit in the most precious butterfly outfit ever created. She enjoyed very much “chewing” on the lollipop I gave her, but never did manage to get the wrapper off. 🙂  She did, however, find the picture of Lincoln that I wear daily quite appetizing!