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Captions: Preseason Games 1 & 2

"Here's the church. Here's the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people."

"Now, if you screw this up one more time, you're gonna go sit in the corner in time out. I mean it!"

"Ok...fine! You can play Curtis Painter well into the 2nd half, but I don't have to like it."

"I told you. The fish was only this big, so I had to throw it back."

"And with that interception, Curtis Painter just became the 49ers best player. Oh wait, he plays for us. Oy vey."

"Can someone get the trainer? I have a splitting headache. Feels like a pole is stuck in my head."

"Take a good look, boys and girls, cause this is the most running and athleticism you're gonna see from me tonight."

"You down with OPP. Yeah you know me."

Finding Home

I started college at THE University of Alabama 14 years ago this week.  Time sure flies!  The freshman who are starting college this semester (Today, in fact) hadn’t even started kindergarten when I was starting college.   To this day, choosing to go to Alabama is the single best decision I have ever made in my life.  I know with complete certainty I would not be the person I am today without my experiences in college, and I also firmly believe that if I’d gone to any other college, my experience would not have been the same.  Don’t get me wrong.  My college career wasn’t always roses and sunshine.  It came with its share of trials.  About two weeks into my freshman year, I called my parents and told them I wanted to come home.  I was 10 hours away from them, and it was the first time I’d been that far away from home for any length of time.  It was like I was starting a whole new life, and I didn’t really know how to do that.  No one from my high school went to Alabama with me.  A lot of them went to FSU or Florida.  But I’ve come to realize that in working through those trials and making it to the other side stronger and wiser because of it is what makes me know Alabama and I were meant to be.

During my five years at Alabama, I met some of the greatest people God has put on this earth, in my opinion.  These people made me believe in friendship, again.  They’re the kind of people you can call at 3am in the morning and they’ll answer.  They’re family.  I miss them and Alabama every day of my life.  In the end, I’m thankful that my parents wouldn’t let me come home because by making me stay, I found “home.”

Captions: Colts Training Camp Week 1

New season…new pictures…new captions.

And thanks to Peyton’s visor he’s been wearing on his helmet the last two days, this week’s captions come courtesy of Darth Vader:

"There is no escape. Don't make me destroy you."

"Several fighters have broken off from the main group. Come with me!"

"Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them."