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Chiefs of the Division ~ Captions Week 12

A little tougher of a win than most people expected it to be, but just like that the Broncos are 8-3…4-0 in the division and have strung together 6 straight wins.  Keep on keeping on.

As much as I hate to admit it, this is so very, very true.

“Charley horse!”

“E-R-I-C D-E-C-K-E-R”

“Seriously, Brock, why do you even dress out?”

“Imma hide behind you until that big, scary man thinks I disappeared.”

“Oh are these not the Cirque du Soleil try outs? My bad.”

“Come on, man…didn’t I tell you to cut your hair two weeks ago?”

“Let me show you a little move I learned from my friend Ndamukong Suh.”

“Perfect opportunity to practice my karate.”

“Why yes, I will stand here and let you admire my perfection.”

“Target identified. I’m going in.”

“I’d slam this ball in your face right now if I didn’t have to waste a down to do it.”

“Whaaat?! You seriously thought you were gonna win?!”

Broncos Brooms ~ Captions Week 11

After suffering through many a torment at the hands of the Chargers for years when Peyton was a Colt, it has brought me such relief to see him and his new Bronco friends handling things against them.  I’m sure at some point Norv Turner and Philip Rivers thought “oh yea, we get to beat him TWICE a year now.”  Not so fast, Bolts…

P.S. I added a special honorable mention at the end for Peyton’s dear old pal and my favorite tight end in the league, Dallas Clark.

“Hang on, little buddy…just a little bit to your right. Ok, there…run, Tonto, run.”

“Oh sorry man…I didn’t realize you wanted to practice the lifts from Dirty Dancing right NOW. Give me a little warning next time.”

“Then grab your partner, dosey doe, swing him around and don’t let go!”

“Oh yeah…wet willy time!”

“Dude, I said you could have my game worn jersey AFTER the game.”

“Hold me.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…you just kneed me in the groin.”

“Is he the mean man you told me about earlier?”

“Ah, hell nah…that’s my quarterback…get away from him.”

‘Is this Tebowing?”

Peyton: ‘Wait…I have an idea.”
The entire Offensive Line: “Yeah…when DON’T you have an idea?”

“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it, P-Riv?!”

“Raise the Roof.”

Honorable Mention: “Dallas Clark has been FREED! Unleash the BEAST!”

Holy Defense, Batman ~ Captions Week 10

2 interceptions, 7 sacks for a total loss of 43 yards, one safety, and a pick-6 later, the Denver Defense makes it known that these Broncos aren’t just a one trick pony.  Hats off to y’all.

“Hey, Ron, could you stop calling me at all hours of the night crying and begging me to take my old job back? It’s really starting to annoy my wife.”

“Could you speak up? At my age, the hearing is the first thing to go cause I thought I heard you say something about this being your house.”

“Good job, little buddy. We might let you sit at the adults table at Thanksgiving.”

“Yeah, you can’t touch this. I told you, you can’t touch this. Too hype, can’t touch this. Get way outta here, you can’t touch this”

“I believe I can fly…”

“Boy, you must be outside your mind. Gimme that ball.”

‘Get off me, man or I’m gonna shove this turf down your throat.”

“How many times I gotta tell ya?! The fish was THIS BIG!”

Age projection of Peyton Manning’s son Marshall.

“Hell yeah, Cam Newton got paid to play for Auburn. I should know. I’m the bag man.”

“Dear Lord, These folks look mad. Please help us get outta Charlotte safely. Amen.”

“Shake shake shake…shake shake shake…shake ya booty…shake ya booty. Come on, ref. Do it with me.”

Happy Veterans’ Day. Thank you for your service.

Chhhh…Changes ~ Captions Week 9

My friend Alecia challenged me to consider adding pictures/captions of other players (mostly Eric Decker) to this weekly blog post.  I explained this all started with a funny picture of Peyton from a game and that pictures of other players don’t always inspire me with a caption like he does.  But I at least said I’d try, which is why you all got the All Eric Decker All The Time post last week.  Flash forward to this week as I kept an open mind while scanning through the pictures, and violà…I give you the largest caption post in this blog’s history.

“Is that the BEST you got for a ‘yo mamma’ joke?!”

“Ok…Ok…Uncle…UNCLE…stop beating me with the football…yo mamma’s not fat, alright!”

“You see, not only do I have mad skillz at wide receiver, but I can break dance out here, too.”

“Oh yeah, you wanna see it, again?! Ok.”

“Come to papa.”

“You can’t see it. It’s electric! You gotta feel it. It’s electric! Ooh, it’s shakin’. It’s electric!”

“So…uh…how do we get these unstuck?”

“Let me show you my granny shot. Oh wait…that went the wrong way. Someone call the trainer. My arms are stuck, again.”

“Group hug! Awesome!”

“Yes, Lord, you, Jesus, and Tim Tebow can get free pizza at Papa John’s. Just tell em I sent you. I gotta go do my post game presser now.”

“Ah crap…this is gonna leave a mark.’

“And let me tell you…that’s the LAST time I put money on LSU.”

“Alright, you ready? I’m gonna dip you now.”

“Shoot. Peyton’s gonna be pissed at me taking stats from him. I shoulda dropped at the 20 yard line.”

“Dude, those shoes totally don’t match your outfit.”

“You talkin’ to me?!”

“Me, Tarzan. You, Jane.”

“Hi, My name’s Peyton. I hope I can count on your vote Tuesday.”