Monthly Archives: May 2010

Greenlit Twenty 10

Another Upfront Week is in the books for the major television networks.  Their plans for the fall have been announced and previews of the upcoming new series’ have been presented.  Some current shows have moved around.  Other favorites have been eliminated from the canvas.  It’s the ultimate reality show…who will drown after one episode, who will stick around a few weeks, and who will ultimately make it to the finish line with another season pick up.

Here’s the PDF of the grid as it stands now.  Schedules are always subject to change, so don’t be surprised if the actual grid looks differently come fall.

The Network call letters in the pdf file are links to descriptions of the shows and the schedules from which I created this grid.  If you can’t get the links, please use the ones below.






Happy Mother’s Day

…To the best mom I know who I’m certain would say that she learned how to be a mother from the best mother she knew.  And I know this only because I see her gentle, loving, beautiful, funny mother in her all the time.