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Return to Sender

I have long wished that magazines could deploy some kind of subscriber database that people could sign up for when said magazine has multiple covers for an issue or when they feature specific people, places, and things on the covers.  I would like subscribers to be able to opt-in to the database and be able to tell the magazine which people, places, and things they absolutely want to see or not see.  For instance, when there are regional covers for Sports Illustrated at the start of the college basketball season, subscribers who live in a region where they won’t get the cover they want should be able to submit to the database what their favorite teams are.  Then the database would match the regional cover that should be sent to that subscriber regardless of which region they actually live in.  On the flip side, they should also be able to choose which covers they absolutely do not want to see.  And perhaps the database would spit out a list and those subscribers would get a generic cover that maybe just splashes “Sports Illustrated” across the whole cover.

Case in point, when I get home tonight the following issue of Sports Illustrated (minus my photo shopping efforts) will be in my mailbox.  The cover will not make it into the house in one piece.  The remnants of said cover will make it into the recycling bin only because I know that they will be rightfully incinerated instead of spending the rest of its life in a landfill somewhere.  This cover is the absolute #1 reason why I would love a subscriber database so that I could have told Sports Illustrated to NEVER send me covers with this guy or this team on them.  I know I’m supposed to like this guy because he’s a Christian and he’s a missionary, but I’m sorry…it just comes off as fake to me especially since the ministry sitting right in front of him every day at practice (his team) still comes off as a bunch of obnoxious thugs.  Shouldn’t his good example at least have rubbed off on them? 


My Audience

I “stole” this post from Beth over at Two Princesses and a Pirate. I went to college with Beth and recently reconnected with her via Facebook.  Go check out her 3 beautiful children!!

I know there are a lot of people out there who probably read my blog but never actually post a comment.  There are blog stats, folks.  I know at least a few things about your searching habits, people.  So this is a reverse questionnaire to all my readers if you’re interested in letting me know who you are.  And if you have a blog, let me know that, too so I can read what you have to say.  So, answer the questions in the comment section so I can get to know you better!  Answer all of them or just the ones you want to.  It’s up to you. 

1.) where are you from?
2.) how long would you say you’ve been reading my blog?
3.) what’s you favorite color?
4.) what are your hobbies?
5.) married?, single?, engaged?, dating? how long?
6.) any kids? what are there names and what ages?
7.) anything I should know about you/your family?
8.) whats your favorite song on the radio right now?
9.) what is one thing you want to purchase for YOURSELF? big or small!
10.) what were you doing before you got online?

I am looking forward to reading your answers (if anyone is actually reading this)!!!

Just for fun…here are my answers to Beth’s blog:

1.) Florida (currently, Northern Virginia)
2.) I actually just found it last week.
3.) red
4.) cooking, baking, readying, watching TV, going to movies, love watching sports, shopping, loving on my nephew
5.) single for WAY TOO LONG
6.) not, yet.
7.) I love them dearly.
8.) I listen to my iPod more, but I do love that one by Billy Currington just cause it’s funny: “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.”
9.) Sadly: a Dyson Ball vacuum. (cause that’s kind of a boring want)
10.) driving to work.

Future All-Star

The county I grew up in is the proud home of one of the Tampa Bay Rays’ minor league farm teams.  As a result, the Tampa Bay Rays started Charlotte County Day to thank the community for their support.  Part of the festivities included kids getting to run the bases after the game.  Enter our favorite “blink and you’ll miss him cause he runs all the time” toddler, Lincoln. 
WOW!  Their TV (read: jumbotron) is bigger than mine.  Now, how can I get them to change it to Noggin?

WOW! Their TV (read: jumbotron) is bigger than mine. Now, how can I get them to change it to Noggin?

When do we get to run the bases?

When do we get to run the bases?

I have to practice and stretch out my legs.

I have to practice and stretch out my legs.

Afterall, practice makes perfect!

Afterall, practice makes perfect!

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play, today!

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play, today!

Alright! Now we're talkin'.

Alright! Now we're talkin'.

Gettin' by butt to second.  Gonna try for more!

Gettin' by butt to second. Gonna try for more!

I'm stealin' home, boys!  You watch me.

I'm stealin' home, boys! You watch me.

Whew, Grandpa!  That was tough, but I did it!

Whew, Grandpa! That was tough, but I did it!

I'll be back, boys, but next time you'll be payin' me!

I'll be back, boys, but next time you'll be payin' me!

Grandpa, can we do that, again?

Grandpa, can we do that, again?

It’s Official

After scoring 17 Monday, Tyler Hansbrough followed up with 23 points and four rebounds Tuesday against Oklahoma City.

After scoring 17 Monday, Tyler Hansbrough followed up with 23 points and four rebounds Tuesday against Oklahoma City. (Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images)

Pacers News Release | Indianapolis, July 8, 2009

The Indiana Pacers announced Wednesday they have signed their No. 1 draft pick, Tyler Hansbrough, to a multi-year contract. Per club policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Hansbrough, a 6-9, 250-pound forward from the University of North Carolina, is the all-time leading scorer in the Atlantic Coast Conference with 2,872 points. He is the only player in league history to earn First Team All-America and First Team All-ACC honors four times.

As a senior in 2008-09, he was named First Team All-America by Sporting News, USBWA, NABC and AP. He is the North Carolina Tar Heels’ all-time leading rebounder with 1,219 rebounds.

Hansbrough is currently playing with the Pacers’ summer league team which is participating in the Orlando Pro Summer League through Friday. The Pacers have won their first two games and play again on Wednesday (3:00 p.m.), Thursday (7:00 p.m.) and Friday (3:00 p.m.).

You can watch all the Pacers’ summer league games live on and be sure to visit Pacers Summer League Central for comprehensive coverage.


I’ve never been more proud of the Atlantic Coast Conference than I am at this moment.  Spare me the states’ rights crap and what the Southern states’ reasons were for seceding from the Union.  I went to college in Alabama and saw Confederate flags everywhere displayed by teenagers who barely knew anything about the Civil War, but because they grew up in a Southern state, this was alright.  I will until the day I die believe that flag should no longer be displayed.  I don’t need a history lesson, and I don’t need someone to try to convince me of what the point of the “war of northern aggression” (UGH) was all about.  Bottom line is that the flag no longer carries the connotation the southern forefathers intended it to have.  So, in this instance, the ACC got it right, in my opinion.

ACC baseball tourney not headed to South Carolina

Associated Press

GREENSBORO — Unresolved disputes concerning the Confederate flag have led the ACC to move three future baseball tournaments out of South Carolina.

League officials said Monday that the ACC instead will hold its championship in Durham in 2011 and 2013 and in Greensboro in 2012.

The ACC previously awarded the tournament to Myrtle Beach, S.C., from 2011-13, but that decision drew criticism from the NAACP, which has boycotted South Carolina for nearly a decade for flying and then displaying the Confederate flag on state capitol grounds.

Four years ago, ACC presidents agreed that the league would consider awarding championships to South Carolina venues on a case-by-case basis if the host groups’ proposals included plans to work with the NAACP, conference officials said.

“Our baseball committee and institutional administrators awarded the championships to Myrtle Beach with the understanding that the event had the blessings of all parties within the state of South Carolina. It has become clear this was not the case,” commissioner John Swofford said.

“It’s unfortunate that this miscommunication occurred and since the original announcement, we have had productive conversations with members of the NAACP. In the end, given the conference’s commitment to diversity, equality and human rights, our institutions have determined that this change should be made.”

The NAACP has boycotted South Carolina since 2000, when the Confederate flag flew over the Statehouse, and sanctions led to a legislative compromise where the banner was taken down and placed at a Confederate soldier’s monument in front of the Capitol building. Opponents said the new location made the flag even more visible and demanded it be removed to a museum. The boycott has continued since.

Opponents of the flag say it’s a symbol of racism and hatred. Flag supporters say it honors heritage.

The NCAA has had a moratorium on awarding predetermined championships to South Carolina since 2001. Leagues are not bound by the NCAA’s guidelines regarding the Confederate flag, though the ACC and SEC have largely adhered to similar stances.

The 2010 tournament will be played in Greensboro. It originally was scheduled for Fenway Park in Boston, but the ACC brought the event closer to the center of the league to lower travel costs.

Too Soon for I Told You So???

I mean it’s only been 11 days since he was drafted, so maybe it is too soon to shout from the roof tops “I TOLD YOU SO!”  Nevertheless, I’m loving reading how shocked all these people are about how good he is at everything Coach Williams, his teammates, and us fans have said about him for the last 4 years.

Pro Summer League starts today and runs through the end of the week.  Every day at 3pm.  You can watch online here.

Hansbrough makes impression | | The Indianapolis Star

By Mike Wells

Contagious work ethic. Relentless. Tenacious.

It has only been a few days and he has yet to go against any of his veteran teammates in practice, but Indiana Pacers rookie Tyler Hansbrough has already made his presence felt.

Hansbrough, the No. 13 pick in last month’s draft, displayed the same qualities that made him an All-American at the University of North Carolina during the Pacers’ four-day rookie/free agent camp.

“I knew what we were getting when we drafted him,” Pacers coach Jim O’Brien said. “His work ethic is contagious. He just pursues the basketball and never gives up on a play. He can just put the ball in the basket because he knows how to make stuff happen.

“He plays with a great deal of passion. That’s why he’s a four-time All-American.”

Hansbrough used the camp to adjust to O’Brien’s coaching style. He said one of the biggest adjustments has been playing around the foul line, which is where the big men play in O’Brien’s pass-oriented offense.

O’Brien recently pulled aside Hansbrough and fellow rookie A.J. Price and told them it’s OK if they don’t know something because they’re “not supposed to know everything” as rookies.

“It’s been a long learning process for me,” Hansbrough said. “Getting a feel for what the Pacers like to do offensively and defensively.”

Hansbrough will get his first game action today when the Pacers start their five-day summer league in Orlando, Fla.

The Pacers found out early Hansbrough means business once he steps on the court. No laughing. No joking. No small talk. Just basketball.

“I haven’t seen him smile yet,” guard Brandon Rush said, smiling. “He’s so quiet. He cussed for the first time (Sunday), so that’s a sign of him opening up. He’s completely serious when he’s out there. He gives 100 percent every time he plays. He’s like the Energizer bunny. He’s going to be a good addition for us.”

Hansbrough’s energy will make the Pacers’ practices more competitive.

“He’s really aggressive,” center Roy Hibbert said. “He pursues the ball relentlessly. That brings the best out of us. If a rookie can come in here and do that it can help the team out as much as possible.

“We’ll see how he is when we’re 60 games into the season. As of right now, though, he’s doing real good and making his presence felt.”

Rush and Hibbert said they don’t believe the notion that Hansbrough isn’t athletic. They said their new teammate tried to dunk every time he got the ball near the basket.

“He’s definitely athletic,” Hibbert said. “The first day he was dunking everything. After like seven hours of practice his legs gave out a little bit. He goes after the boards and he’s just not letting the ball hit the ground. He can shoot, too. People will see what Tyler has to offer soon enough.”

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July, everyone!