Monthly Archives: August 2011


Dear 33-year-old little girl,

Today is your birthday. It’s hard to believe that 33 years have passed since this:


But after 33 years of what this world has thrown at you, this little girl is still plugging along:

Chasing dreams, believing in the good in people, thinking you can change the world.

Year 32 wasn’t an easy one, but as you’ve done with every other year of your life, you’ve survived any way you could…determined to have more good days than bad.  You have few complaints, really.  After all, your problems are stupid little 1st world problems, but you still live with one motto: no regrets.  Everything in life is a learning experience not to be taken for granted and only to be earned wisdom.  There is no way to change the past, but how you change your future because of your past is what matters.

Happy Birthday to that 33-year-old little girl who still believes in fairy tales and never giving up.


The 33-year-old little girl