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R.I.P. Rashad Wayne

I couldn’t have said this better myself, so rather than try, I’m passing on the words from (a division of My full review of the weekend in Indy will come at a a later date.

You’re In Our Thoughts and Prayers, Reggie

Ed Thompson
Sep 25, 2006

ColtPower extends our deepest sympathy to Reggie Wayne and his entire family on the loss of Reggie’s older brother, Rashad Wayne, who died in an automobile accident on Sunday. And we ask that all Colts fans remember him and his family in their thoughts and prayers…

…There really isn’t much more to say at a time like this when what’s most important is letting someone simply know that you care. We’re so helpless at moments like these when we wish we had the power to lift the entire weight of the sadness from those most affected.

But in addition to having a strong family, an organization and teammates who truly care about him, we also wanted Reggie and his whole family to know that there are thousands of people who will undoubtedly take a moment to lift up their hearts, their thoughts and perhaps even a prayer for them.

Scattered across the country, and even across oceans, there are Colts fans who are thinking of the Wayne family and will continue to do so this week. All of us at ColtPower certainly will.

We understand that football is a game played by real people who are making a living just like us, who experience many of the same moments of joy and despair that we all face in our lives.

And that common bond brings all of us together at a moment like this, whether you’re a Colts fan in Indianapolis or in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or an administrative assistant at Colts headquarters, a starting linebacker for the Colts, a writer who covers the team, the owner or president of the Colts, or even the guy who turns off the lights in the locker room after the team has left for the day.

Suddenly, who we are and what we do is less important than the loss that another person is feeling — someone who we’re able to feel compassion for whether or not we’ve ever had the chance to exchange a personal “hello” with him or whether we’re so close to him that he’s like a brother to us.

Reggie Wayne has touched people’s lives and brought moments of joy to thousands of people in different ways. And now he and his family have lost someone who brought joy to his life.

We get it. And we care. It’s not a news story to us at ColtPower. It’s a moment to express our support and encourage others to do the same.

Deepest condolences to the entire Wayne family — and to all of those in the Colts organization who form his extended family — from ColtPower and our family of fans.

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What a Week…and it’s only Thursday!

This week has already been so incredibly fantastic and there’s so much more to come. For the TV lovers (like me) out there, this is the first real premiere week. My TIVO (read: Cox DVR) is in overdrive. No fumes have come out just yet, but she’s definitely getting a workout. I already love Studio 60. Right there at the end of the first show I could see the Aaron Sorkin spark and I can’t wait for more. For those of you who were worried you’d see Chandler too much in Matthew Perry’s character, I didn’t see a hint of him. This is a totally different character and I love it. He and Bradley Whitford are a great pairing as Executive Producers of the show within the show. There was a little altering in my schedule/commute home last night, so I missed my timing to be able to see last night’s shows. However, if you are one of those people who has yet to give Justice on FOX a chance…you are missing out. It’s really fantastic to the point where Wednesdays can’t come soon enough. (I haven’t said that since Dawson’s Creek was on.) But today…my friends…today is Thursday, September 21st. And you know what that means…yes…that’s right…it’s Grey’s Anatomy day!!! I woke up a little tired this morning, but there was a commercial on my radio about Grey’s Anatomy and I perked right up. Tonight the show opens it’s 3rd season on a new night and time and really…9pm seems lightyears away. But rest assured, I will be in front of my TV with a good portion of the rest of the Eastern time zone at 9pm to find out whether Meredith chose Derek or Finn!

Aside from TV, yesterday was pay day and this weekend I go to Indianapolis to watch a beaten up Colts team (could someone from the Colts organization please give me a concrete answer on whether Freeney and Vinatieri are going to play…this wishy washy stuff is driving me insane.) take on the Jacksonville Jaguars who have decided to prove to the NFL that they have a defense after all. Trust me…I’m not sitting pretty in this match up. I’ve seen Peyton play twice before (college and pro) and his team has won both games. I think this Sunday may be the end of that streak. The Colts/Jags game has maybe once or twice been decided by a double digit spread and yes, the Jags have come out on top a couple times. I think we can safely say I’m nervous, but so terribly excited to be going to the game and to Indianapolis.

Well that’s been my week thus far. I’m loving the weather, the TV, the pay check, and the future. Bring it on!

Food Item Revolt; Film at 11

Wal-Mart Ends Layaway Service (actual headline in the Washington Post). Apparently Wal-Mart believes the idea of delayed gratification from purchases has become obsolete and they are discontinuing layaway service. Customers can place items (no food items) on layaway until November 19th, but all items must be picked up and paid for in full by December 8th.

Wal-Mart says the service is obsolete, but I think they’re covering up a food item revolt. Imagine all those little food items getting together with little demonstration signs (which means the office supply department was in on it, too) to demand equality in the layaway department. Way to go, Food Items…but definitely sad for all those people who were enjoying the layaway service. The full article can be found here. (Note to reader: I have not lost my mind [yet]. Please see entry on the Sonic trip to Williamsburg for more details.)

On a different note, this time next week I will be on a plane bound for Indianapolis!!!

…And We’re Back

Sorry for the dry spell on the Blog. Things have been a bit hectic lately, but hopefully that has all been taken care of. Without further delay…my latest thoughts:

Things I learned from the Colts-Giants season opener (the game and the hype):

1. Olivia Manning’s childhood nickname for Peyton (which she still uses) is Peytey Pie. It’s really nice to know that you can make over $14 million dollars a year and your mom will still call you what she called you when you were 4 years old, no matter how much Peyton doth protest.

2. I don’t know if the game lived up the hype because by kickoff I was sick of hearing about it and just wanted the game over, but it was definitely a good game. I stayed through to the end and even watched the post game press conferences, which were as sweet and as funny as can be.
3. The refereeing has NOT improved from last season. There were more than a couple questionable calls in that game last night. I can’t say that reversing any of the calls would have changed the outcome of the game, but man…that was rough for the Giants.

4. The Colts have no running game (nor do they have a defense that is capable of stopping the run)…or if they do, they’re hiding it from all of us. Peyton and his receiving corp continue to amaze me when they catch passes that I can’t believe anyone would be able to. And, I think Adam Vinatieri and Terrence Wilkins should have shared the Sunday Night Football Rock Star (MVP) award. Adam for kicking with sprained ligaments and a bone chip and his 14 points and Terrence Wilkins for the awesome field position after kick offs (he averaged almost 28 yards per return). Perhaps he’d considered switching positions to running back.

5. Peyton really is just one big ole country boy who loves his family. He had a moment when he was out on the field for pre-game warm-ups and Eli walked out onto the field. Peyton looked up and realized what this all meant as he thought to himself, “that’s my brother.” He was just so darn proud of him and it melted my heart to hear him talk about it all.

6. Peyton’s commercials are still funny…EVERY TIME! (Except for the Direct TV one where he stops the game in progress.) I don’t care what you say Andy Pierce. And…yes…I do like 6’5”, 230 pound quarterbacks with laser-rocket arms.

7. I have officially changed my opinion of Eli. I used to love the guy just because he was Peyton’s brother until about his sophomore season in college. Then I spiraled into not liking him at all. Last night, the last 6 years were erased. What I learned most from Peyton and Eli was that you can approach the game in many different ways and be tremendously successful. I used to be angry with Eli because he didn’t use the resource he had in Peyton to improve his game, but last night, Eli showed me that he didn’t need to be little Peyton (by a 1/2 inch) to be an incredible quarterback. It was nearly like comparing apples to oranges. Peyton and Eli are similar in their focus and preparation for the game, but when it comes to game time, they each individually approach it differently, and are successful in their own ways. For the first time, I was actually very proud of Eli and the way he competed. He held his own and (bad ref calls aside) really did a fantastic job. But it took seeing them both play on the same field in the same 4 hour period to change my mind. Now, he obviously can’t replace Peyton for me, but I have finally come around and gotten off the Eli-hating bus. Eli…I really am sorry for the last 6 years. You are a really nice kid who handles pressure very well.

8. Olivia and Archie Manning need an Emmy (since it was on TV) for their portrayal of the two most bored people at the Meadowlands last night. Every time the camera panned to them, they were expressionless. Not even when one of their boys scored a touchdown did they cheer because that meant the other brother’s team didn’t score. I honestly don’t think I would have lasted as long as they did without expressing some kind of emotion. Well Done! I think Cooper was the only one actually smiling in that booth.

9. The season can officially begin now that we’ve gotten that crazy game out of the way. I no longer have finger nails after the stress of last night. I lost count the number of times, I moved from my recliner to in front of the TV to the couch, etc. But I did make it through the entire day without throwing up just thinking about the game despite my loss of appetite and upset stomach on Sunday morning. Bring on the Texans, we’ve got work to do!

P.S. Say a little prayer for Trent Green. That hit was rough! Anytime a person’s head bounces off the field like that, it’s not a good thing.