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Final Dress Rehearsal

Preseason Week 3 Captions ~ Slim pickings this week.  This is the best I could do.

The other day, Marshall had a diaper that was so bad I thought I was gonna need a gas mask.

You just wait until I get my hands dry, and you’re gonna get it.

“Jazz Hands!”



Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Preseason Week 2 Captions

Oh I see you…just because I’m pointing to my right don’t think I don’t see you. I’m the father of twins.

Come on, man…that all you got?! I’ve got a surgically repaired neck and you’re gonna come at me with that weak grab me by the waste action…rookie.

Let’s see…2 legs, 2 arms, 8…9…10…fingers. Yep…I’m on the ground and everything’s still attached.

Hey wait a minute kid…I think I found a quarter…wait…that’s not how that trick is supposed to go. Dang it.

Is that a Minnie Mouse tattoo, man?





And we’re back

On the 579th day, Peyton Manning played football…preseason…1 drive…football, but football nonetheless.  And thus returns the captioned pictures.  Just have one this time because it’s the only one that made me laugh.

“You down with OPP (Yeah you know me)!”