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Rock The Vote

The National Zoo has put up a voting page on their website for us to name the Baby Panda. Here’s the link Panda Naming Contest…go and choose your favorite one.

He’s just so darned cute!

There Goes The Neighborhood

I got the call today about the townhouse. The real estate agent who has been helping find a rental called to say that my application had been processed and approved. YEA!!! I can’t wait to move in. I should be able to sign the lease on the 15th so I’ll have a couple of weekends before the end of the month to move in and not feel rushed to get out of my current apartment. Plus I’ll be right around the corner (within walking distance) from my friends Anita and Tom (my profile picture is a picture of me from their wedding).

I’ve started a new blog just for pictures because I don’t want to overload my narrative blog here. I’ve put a few pictures of the house on that blog, so go check it out: Leann’s Pictures. It should give you a pretty good little tour of the place.

Now I’m tired just thinking about the packing…………………..

There Goes The Neighborhood

Front of House
Foyer Hallway
Stairs Up
Breakfast Area
Breakfast Area (2)
Kitchen (2)
Living Room

Living Room (2)

Half Bath on Main Level
Half Bath on Main Level (2)
Foyer from Upstairs
Hallway Upstairs
Inside Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom (2)
Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom (2)

Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Full Bathroom 2
Full Bathroom 2 (2)
Basement Stairs
Basement Hallway
Under Stairs Storage
Basement (2)
Basement (3)
Laundry/Storage Room
Laundry/Storage Room (2)
Basement Half Bath
Basement Half Bath (2)
Back Yard
Back Deck

Back of House

Bundles of Joy

(DISCLAIMER: If you don’t have a strong stomach or you are currently eating a meal, you might want to hold off on reading the following until a later time.)

One of the things that I absolutely adore is my time every Sunday morning in the nursery. The babies are a lot of fun and I really enjoy watching them grow week by week even. I “teach” the 0-12 month babies in Bible Class with my excellent co-teacher Melanie. Last weekend I was out of town and completely forgot to get a sub for class…I owe Melanie big time…but I think I got my payback this Sunday morning…

Class time was over and I was hanging out until the parents picked up their children or the nursery attendant for second service arrived. Jill (said nursery attendant) came in and I was trying to get all the babies who were staying for second service into a somewhat orderly fashion so Jill could better manage them if she ended up being the only one there. I picked one of the babies up because she was being fussy and I wanted to try and settle her down before I left. I suppose I either picked her up too fast or she was just due, but I lifted her up in the air in the hopes of making her giggle or smile and settle down. She did smile and then she opened her mouth and spit up…wait for it…right into my mouth. I then calmly leaned over and spit it back out (onto the nursery floor…I know…even more gross) and asked Jill to bring me some tissues from the changing table. Poor Jill had to actually wipe my mouth off for me as I still had the precious angel who did this to me in my hands. Then, as I had planned, I put the baby into her car seat. I walked out and went to the bathroom to “clean up.” At this point…really what do you do?

I did discover how strong of a stomach I actually have. I mean I can watch all the gory scary movies out there. I only turned my head once during Interview with the Vampire. But really, until something like this happens you don’t really know how much you can handle. Apparently for me, it’s a lot. So, I got into my car after saying good-bye to the beloved Jacque (Miss you, Jacque) and I started to head to Sammie and Jill’s (different Jill than the one in the nursery) to help set up for small group. I took a short detour, however, and stopped at the 7-11 and got a travel toothbrush and toothpaste because I was way too far from my own toothbrush and toothpaste.

While I hope and pray this little incident never happens again, I really realized how much I love those kids because wow…I can see how something like this would turn someone off of working in the nursery. Funny how my friend Tisa had just said to me earlier that morning something about the joys of parenting. My recommendation today is to call whoever raised you and apologize to them if you happened to ever do this to them when you were an infant because, let me tell you, the receiving end of that is no little miracle. 🙂

2 Down…19 To Go

I never expected this. I mean really, when you call someone on something they did wrong, do you really expect an over-abundance of apology? No…usually you expect either nothing or rebelling.

My brother called again today to tell me that he received ANOTHER letter from AirTran. It offered their apologies for the situation and informed him that AirTran was giving them 2 free round trip tickets to anywhere AirTran flies. So, I wrote 21 letters and we’ve gotten 2 responses. Should I expect a letter each week for the next 19 weeks????

Part I
Part II

Big People Decisions (This is not a post about weight)

This grown up stuff is for the birds. I miss the days of coming home from school and the only thing you had to do was watch TV, talk on the phone, do your homework, eat dinner, etc. Those were the days…when you didn’t have to wonder if your credit history that you think is great is going to be equally as great to someone evaluating it. When you didn’t have to hope that someone would be willing to negotiate on terms that would be acceptable for both parties. When something you wanted so badly you could taste it was probably as small as a new pair of pants or as big as your first car. I put in an application today to lease a townhouse in Springfield. Currently, I live in a one bedroom apartment, and, after four years, I’ve actually outgrown it. Actually, I just want the extra room (especially in the kitchen and additional bedrooms) for out of town guests. This place will also put me a little closer to church which has always been a goal of mine for the next time I moved. In any case, this is a scary time. The owner of the townhouse wants to rent it by Sept. 1, but my current lease doesn’t run out until Sept. 30. I’ve offered a compromise of moving in Sept. 15, but of course it’s all up to the owner. I would have loved to buy a place…in fact I would have loved to buy this place, but it’s a rental. And, I don’t have a good enough savings to bring a mortgage payment down to what the rental prices are right now. I’ll be working on that in the couple years to come. In the short-term, however, this place is perfect. It has just enough space…not too much…not too little. The kitchen is fantastic and the bedrooms are really good sizes. I can already see my furniture in it, but I’m doing my best not to get my hopes up and then not get the place. I keep trying to stop thinking about it, but I can’t seem to do that. I keep saying that if I’m meant to have this place then I will, but I’m impatient and nervous. I think my credit history is great. I’ve never missed a payment on any credit card, car loan, rent, etc. In fact, I’m quite annoyingly meticulous about these things. I overdrafted my checking account one time in college (thank God for overdraft protection), and I’m still kicking myself because what kind of accountant does something like that?!?! But just because I think my credit is good doesn’t mean that other people are going to think the way I do. So…here I am waiting (rather impatiently) for an answer…hopefully the one I want to hear, but regardless the one I’ll need to hear. Can’t I just go back to being a kid before all these big people decisions started?!?!

Just What I Wanted

My brother called me at work today to tell me some great news. (Believe me, by the end of this you’ll realize how much the little things count to me.) A couple of weeks ago, I sent 21 letters signed by my parents, Andy, Janet, and me to AirTran Airways explaining the situation (Original Story) that happened to Andy and Janet. 21 letters to the entire corporate team and the board of directors. I did my research and even included little bits and pieces of their mission, values, and principles in the letters in the hopes that they would realize that they were promising something to their customers that wasn’t being fulfilled. If Andy and Janet had been told that they weren’t going to make their connection in Atlanta, then we could have tried to get them on another flight on another airline, but, instead, they were told just the opposite.

So, my brother called to tell me that he had received a letter from AirTran saying lots of corporate mumbo jumbo about how they don’t do this or that, but also in there was a little nugget of joy. They refunded the entire cost of the tickets, which turned out to be Andy and Janet’s trip to the Atlanta Airport. I mean, come on, when’s the last time you paid to go see an airport??? I was actually very pleased with the outcome because when I sent those letters all I really wanted was for them to refund the cost of the tickets. So, YEA for the written word, I accomplished my goal!!

Ok…now I have to go pack to go home for the pre-wedding bridal party events (read: showers, parties, etc.).

To ME!! (Shout outs to Bridget [Happy Bday to yo…

To ME!!
(Shout outs to Bridget [Happy Bday to you, too], Ben, Katherine, Carla, Chris (the boss), Mike, Amy, Nabors, Shayna, Carl, Jill, Kelli [Brent and Baby Bigham] for having Happy Birthday wishes in my email when I woke up this morning.)

August Recess ROCKS

I think it is phenomenally wonderful and quite sweet of Congress to take August Recess in honor of my Birthday. Ok…Ok…so I know it’s not because of me, but it’s a nice thought anyway. And, since it’s my birthday I’m just going to go on being delusional…because I can.

All year long we wait for it, they tease us with those week-long recesses each month, but we all know we’re really and truly waiting for that month-long one. And then August arrives like a choir of angels singing in my head. Now, of course, I love my job (Shout out to Sammie Gene for getting me this job). I’ve really never been happier in any job I’ve had because I love what I get to do at this job. It’s just a lot of fun (can I say that about a job). But, with every job you have, you always want a chance to relax and not be so “on top of things.” Most people call this vacation. I call it recess. I still have the same amount of work, in fact, some days I feel like I have more work than I do when they’re in session. But the quietness of the hallways, the fewer phone calls, the early dismissals (ok so it’s only an hour), the more casual dress, and the general relaxed feeling. It’s just kind of like my own private little summer vacation. Most people have a slow news day every now and then, but August recess just feels like a slow news day every day. And we have a whole 19 work days left of it. YAHOO!!!!

Rest In Peace…

…with thanks from a grateful nation!