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Captions: Week Three

The choices of pictures weren’t as good as the previous weeks, so I have to work with what I got.

"Hey, P, Does that elbow sleeve come in orange?" "Man, Mario, I went to Tennessee, don't you think if it came in orange I'd be wearing it?"

"What was your name, again, kid?"

Captions: Week Two

"Now listen we had this all worked out. I get to win the game and in exchange I'll get Cooper to stop picking on you for a whole month. Don't try to change the game plan now!"

"Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go."

"If we're gonna win this game of leap frog, you're gonna have to keep your eye on that guy right there."

"Stop! In the name of love, before you break my heart."

"And you remembered to temper the eggs before you added them to the hot batter...hmm...then I don't know, man. The recipe worked just fine for me."

"Whatcha think, DC? Jacobs's helmet go 10 rows or 12 into the stands? How far up ya think I can throw it?"

"And that was for locking me in the closet, butthead."

Captions: Week One

"Uncle -- UNCLE!! I'm down alright...get off me."

"Maybe if I slap them around a little bit they'll get it together."

"Didn't anyone tell y'all this isn't preseason anymore?"

"This whole marathon not a sprint crap is for the birds. Eli's up next week. It's not gettin' any easier."

"Maybe I should just go ahead and retire and try that Dancing with the Stars thing Kurt Warner's doing."


Tomorrow at 7pm ET, Alabama will take the field to begin the 2010 football season, and I, per usual, will be a nervous wreck.  Last year was remarkable. If you had asked me this time a year ago how I thought the season would turn out, I would have said, “if we make it to the SEC championship game, we have a better shot at beating Florida than we did the year before.” Not one utterance of the words National Championship would have come out of my mouth.  No mention of going undefeated would have crossed my lips.  And certainly Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram wasn’t even a passing thought.  But that was last year.  This is this year.

I have a lot of friends who are of the die hard Alabama fan variety, and when I say that I mean those people who believe we’re going to win the national championship every year.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Every team needs fans like that.  I’m of the more realistic fan type.  Some people think that makes me pessimistic, but I call it cautiously optimistic.  Do I want to win every game we play? ABSOLUTELY.  Do I believe if they do their jobs 100% on every play for 60 minutes that we can win the game? FOR SURE.  Do I think that’s also true about a lot of teams in the country? YOU BET.  It is incredibly hard to win a national championship, and in my opinion, it’s even harder to win one when navigating through the SEC. Last year proved that to me.  I have friends who will tell you that until the last second ticked off that championship game, I still didn’t think we were going to win despite what the scoreboard said.

It bothers me probably a little more than it should when people talk about repeating or defending because that’s a lot of pressure on a bunch of kids who had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the 2009 championship.  I realize we have a lot of returning players from the championship team, but again, winning it all is INCREDIBLY HARD.  I think it is disrespectful and unfair to not allow the players on this year’s team to chart their own path, to set their own goals, and to find their own identity without being compared to what happened last year.  Every person who has attended the University of Alabama is a member of the Family.  Likewise, every person who has suited up in a crimson uniform is a part of our athletic history and have earned their place in the books.  So, too, has this 2010 team.

Don’t get me wrong, I would wholeheartedly welcome a national championship for the 2010 season.  In fact, I’d welcome a national championship every year just like those die hard fans, but make no mistake, if the 2010 team were to win the national championship, it will be their national championship and will have NOTHING to do with the 2009 team’s national championship.

With that said, Welcome to Alabama Football 2010.  And if you’re an opponent of ours this season, may God have mercy on your soul.