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Which was worse? You be the judge.

After Monday night’s replacement ref debacle in the Green Bay/Seattle game, I started thinking about another referee debacle that cost a team not only a game, but an Olympic Gold Medal.  So, I thought I’d create a poll and let y’all be the judge.

In case you’re unaware of the 1972 Olympic debacle, here’s the Wikipedia entry on the gold medal game.

In case you were living under a rock Monday night or yesterday or even today, here’s a blog entry from my friend Evan about Monday night’s football game.

A Work In Progress ~ Captions, Week 3

Y’all almost didn’t get pictures/captions this week.  I had nearly exhausted all my picture options before I was actually inspired, and even still I’m not entirely happy with what was out there.  Guess the same could be said about the actual game, too.  But, as we all know, this is a work in progress and eventually this group of men will put together a full 60 minute, 4 quarters in the same game.  Maybe it’ll be against Oakland next week.

Let me just snap that back into place like my surgeon taught me how to do…ahh…ok…good as new.  At least I didn’t lose an ear.

Geez…how much had the field crew had to drink when they painted these lines?  And they call my passes wobbly. 



Arm Strength-Gate

Let’s talk numbers.

Let’s start with 3/24/1976.  Peyton’s birthdate.  Which as of today makes him 36 years, 5 months, and 28 days old.  If you are in the neighborhood of that age, ask yourself how you feel.  Now hold that thought.

7,207.  That’s the number of yards Peyton passed for while a starting quarterback at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, Louisiana.

11,201. That’s the number of yards Peyton passed for while a starting quarterback for 3.75 years at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee.

55,322. That’s the number of yards Peyton has passed for so far during his 14 (13 playing) seasons in the NFL.

Now that’s just official, on the books yards.  So, now ask yourself how many more yards he threw for during practices.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.  [hums Final Jeopardy theme song]  Ok…sorry…we have to move on.

33 of 1,354.  That’s interceptions to pass attempts while at Tennessee.

2.4%.  That’s the percentage of time when Peyton threw the ball that his pass was intercepted while in college.

201 of 7,273.  That’s his current interceptions to pass attempts in the NFL.

2.8%.  That’s the percentage of time when Peyton throws the ball that his pass is intercepted during his current NFL career.

Now, that’s not taking into account passes that were tipped or interceptions that occurred because the receiver let the ball pop out of his hands before he had control…you know interceptions that get charged to the QB but were not his fault.

Sadly, I have no INT stats available for his high school career, but given that the percentages for college and NFL are relatively the same, I’m gonna guess his high school stats would’ve fallen in line.

16. Not just his college jersey number.  That’s my age at the time Peyton hit my radar.

18. That’s not just his NFL jersey number.  That’s the number of years I’ve studied his every move, practically.  There’s nothing else in my life besides breathing that I have done longer than I have been a fan of this man.  I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but let’s just say if they offered doctoral degrees in the study of Peytonology, I could write a sufficient dissertation in probably a couple of hours without looking anything up for clarification.

7.  That’s the number of surgeries we KNOW of that he has had.  3 on his knee and 4 on his neck.  1 surgery on his knee was senior year of college.  2 surgeries on his knee were during the off-season between the 2007 and 2008 seasons to repair and clean up his knee from a burst bursa sac.  And we all know about the 4 on his neck.

4. That’s the current number of league MVP’s he has for…let me think how best to word this…being the best damn player in the league so much so that if you took him off his team (see 2011 Colts season) that team would have nothing.

Let’s go back to that question I told you to ask yourself at the beginning of this post.  How did you feel at the age of 36?  Could you throw a football 40, 50, 60 yards?  Heck I’ll even let you say you could throw it 25 yards.  But that’s not the point.  If you could throw a football 25 yards at the age of 36, how far could you throw it at say 26 years old or 16 years old?  I’m betting a lot farther and a lot stronger.

There’s no denying that Peyton has had to work his way back to the velocity and strength he had before his 4 neck surgeries.  Even he admits he’s not back to where he’d like to be, but he’s also not getting any younger.  So, before we blame diminished arm strength on his neck surgeries, let’s not forget he is currently closer to the end of his career (some people thought his career was over last season…cough…Rob Lowe…cough) than he is to the beginning of it.  Let me put it this way, a child who was born when Peyton went to college is currently a freshman in college this year…an entire human being who is eligible to vote, people!

But here’s the bottom line, the velocity, tight spiral throws were never Peyton’s strength.  He beats you with his brain and his quick release before he beats you with his legs or his arm.  Were those interceptions against Atlanta wobbly…sure…potentially…but they were still spirals and they were still long and they were still strong…Peyton strong.  They didn’t come in sideways.  They didn’t come in at the feet of the defender or the intended receiver.  Heck, if I’m being honest, they were right on the numbers if the defender had been the intended target.  And truthfully, the second all three of those passes left his hand, I knew they would be intercepted…that’s what 18 years of study gets you.

I know this won’t last forever.  I know he will retire on his terms when he’s ready and Sundays will no longer be the same for me until little Marshall Manning is drafted.  But how about instead of dissecting every pass and questioning everything that MIGHT possibly be wrong with him, we just wholly appreciate the fact that a man who has had 3 knee surgeries and 4 neck surgeries is still standing up right and is still considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, if not the best ever.

Now…ask me again if I think Peyton’s arm strength has diminished because of his neck.  Go ahead.  I dare you.

I’ve Seen Worse ~ Captions Week 2

I’m good for at least 2 interceptions tonight…maybe more.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which Atlanta Falcon should I throw to.

Hey, shut up, McGahee…at least I still have the ball this time.

Tamme: So see the problem here is that I played football for Kentucky. Sorry about that, Peyt.

Come on, Asante, I asked you to marry me. Don’t leave me hangin’ here.

That was cute and all, Atlanta, but San Diego got me for 6 one time. Amateurs.

That’s it…I’m taking my ball and going home.

A Clockwork Orange ~ Captions Week 1

Now listen, you need to know your role cause I’m not gonna tell you twice. I never have to tell Mike Carey or Ed Hochuli where they’re supposed to stand, so get your replacement @$$ over there where I told you to be and let’s get this thing going.

Simon says, “Raise your hands.” Alright…you with the number 4 on your shirt…you’re out…you didn’t raise your hands. And by the way, horizontal stripes are not a good look for you.

Dang it! I’m too old for this, and why does that 1st down marker look like it’s getting farther away rather than closer?!

Hey, man…watch where you’re putting those hands.

Y…M…C…A…hey wait…where’d my M, C, and A go. Rookies!

Hey wait a minute…give me that back…Decker’s open finally.


‎”There are no jerseys in a ring at Bryant-Denny Stadium. No numbers that cannot be had…it is an endless passing of the torch that urges the wearer to enrich its legacy…Because at Alabama, tradition is not retired, it is BUILT.”