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Sleeping Through Miracles

Let me begin by congratulating Georgia on an incredible season, and regardless of what happened last night, I would’ve still congratulated y’all for that today. College football in general should be proud of the way in which you all carry yourselves with class and respectfulness to your fellow opponents. It was an absolute honor to have my team play this game against you. If I could’ve found a way to share the victory, I would’ve done it in a heartbeat. I’d have even let y’all take sole custody of that hideous trophy they made us take home. From the perspective of a fan, I have been where you are today. It was just last year, in fact. It’s a sucker punch to the gut that makes you question everything around you, but I promise you this: it too shall pass and you’ll get yourselves geared up for next season. I guarantee you’ll be back in this game, again, multiple times. What Kirby is building there isn’t a passing thought. It is changing the whole program for the better, and I look forward to watching it all unfold.

That being said…the halftime bedtime mojo strikes, again. I have no control over HOW it works or WHEN it works or even IF it works. I just know that I have gone to bed multiple times in my life at halftime for whatever reason: disgust with how a team is playing, obligations for the next day, etc. (#AdultingIsHard) with the team I want to win not winning and have woken up the next day to discover they found a way. It only worked once for Peyton. It has never worked for Carolina basketball. It randomly works for Rose Bowl games between a red team and an orange team. And, it has worked a few times for my Tide. Even though I was absolutely certain I would wake up to Georgia having won, somehow, there was just enough mojo left in the tank. Sure, we can debate about mojo not being real and that if I’d stayed up we’d have gotten the same outcome, but consider this, I have ZERO way of finding out if the mojo really works. 🙂 And don’t pretend for a minute you don’t have your own version of the rally cap because you know you do.

I haven’t watched the second half, yet. It’s on the DVR. I’ve seen a few highlights, and right before I turned out the lights last night, I got the ESPN alert saying Tua was starting the 3rd quarter. I almost…ALMOST…turned it back on. I hated it for Jalen because he worked so hard to get us there, but the way I hear he handled the whole situation should be a lesson to us all, including those of us much older than that 19-year-old. I look forward to seeing all the things I saw tweets and posts about this morning, and as I watch, I’ll be counting up the years I did NOT lose off my life because I went to bed and skipped the coronary.

I will be honest. This wasn’t supposed to be our year. I just didn’t believe we were playing like a championship team. The scores might not have indicated that, but I saw a team playing because they had to, not because they wanted to. That is, until last Monday night against Clemson. I’m not sure where that version of Alabama Football 2017 came from, but maybe turning the page to 2018 sparked something. Still I wondered if we had worked all season just to get revenge against Clemson, and when we did, maybe we’d accomplished all our goals for the season.  As Monday night turned into Tuesday morning, it seemed our team still had one more goal.  Regardless, I’m proud of my guys for pulling together as a team and focusing on what was best for the unit as a whole and not the individual (except I understand one of our players should still be sitting in the timeout chair. Coach Saban will deal with you later, young man.).  I had more doubts this season than any other season since Coach Saban joined our tribe, but one thing always holds true with my Alabama boys: they like to prove me wrong.

And so we close the books on the 2017 college football season. All our teams started the season hoping they would have an opportunity to play on the last day, and while plenty of people don’t like this outcome, the beauty in that is there’s another season coming in the Fall when maybe the team they want to see taking home that hideous trophy will find a way to win after I go to bed at halftime.