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Dear San Diego Chargers,

Let me get this straight. Peyton Manning has the worst game of his career with 6 interceptions and you have to count on crappy officials, bad timeout management, and a field goal kicker who can’t seem to find the inside of the uprights to save his life to still win the game? Your offense scored a total of 7 points in your 23-21 victory. I don’t count field goals to the offense. Those are special teams points.   And you didn’t score one single point in the second half…turns out (thanks to the refs) you didn’t have to.  Just how bad is your offense, really? I thought you had the best running back in the history of the game. This game should have been a blow out had you appropriately capitalized on the turnovers by a Peyton Manning I haven’t seen the likes of since his rookie season.

That is all. Please return to your regular steroid in take schedule…

Dear Indianapolis Colts,

Please return to Indianapolis the same way you came so that you might pass through that same supernatural anomaly you went through on your way out to California. Perhaps this way we can ensure that the pod people exit your bodies and leave you in your original state. This is especially important for Peyton Manning. I don’t know who that guy was that dressed out in his uniform. At first I thought it was Jim Sorgi, but then I saw him on the sidelines. All I know is that any other team would be calling for their QB’s head if he threw 6 INTs, and I have never been so disappointed in him in his entire career dating back to his college days. I spent most of the first half trying to figure out how the pod people had gotten to the Colts, but y’all made me realize once again that the game isn’t over until the refs take it away from you…er…I mean, til it’s over. I hope you all know that this loss is not on Adam Vinatieri’s head. Yes his kicks, if made, would have won the game, but we lost that game in the 1st quarter. I’m trying to delude myself into the idea that those 6 interceptions were passes meant for Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark who, had they played, would have caught them instead of the guys in baby blue.

Please do something because I didn’t really want to find out what it would be like after Marvin and Peyton retired until…oh I don’t know…they actually retired.

That is all…

Dear Nick Saban,

It is perfectly fine with all Alabama fans if you want to emulate a former Alabama coach. However, we would prefer you didn’t choose Mike Shula as your hero.

That is all…



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  1. Sorry Leann, I hadn’t watched more than a quarter of a Colts game until last night. I’ll try and avoid that from here on.

    But seriously, you could almost toss that game out in terms of predictive value. Both offenses had lots of trouble with the conditions. Plus the Colts were missing both tackles by the end of the game against a blitz heavy D. I know you never want to lose, but don’t put much stock in it.

  2. Thanks for the condolences, but I don’t think anyone lost this game except the players on the field. With the exception of Michael Toudouze, every one of those O-linemen that played up to the last second of the game played in the Super Bowl where it was also pouring down rain. Interesting statistic from the game, the O-line didn’t allow a sack in 37 plays in the 4th quarter, and that was with the replacements due to injuries.

    Colts motto…no we don’t like to lose…but when we do…there are no excuses. Injuries are not an excuse, we have 53 players for a reason, and according to Tony Dungy yesterday, neither is bad officiating.

  3. Well, I’m glad to hear they are taking the high road and not blaming the officiating. There are always bad calls in a game, and frequently really bad calls (funny how nobody ever wants to admit that when they’re the beneficiary of said bad calls). I think the officials’ have probably a more difficult and thankless job than anyone in the stadium. Injuries and conditions are kind of the same deal, you take what you get. Even so, the combination of those three plus me watching a non-Cowboys game was pretty unusual.

  4. It is a thankless job, but I’m probably a rare case. I want the game called fairly. And when we are the beneficiary of a bad call, I’m usually the first one to say…that wasn’t pass interference or that was a generous spot.

    I do however have a problem when they make a bad call, take it back and then make it worse. See Official review on the ball spot at the end of the game. Generous spot, official review, respot the ball, respotted it back too from the actual spot, made it worse.

    But again…it’s not their fault no not at all. I’m gonna keep repeating that to myself. Eventually I’ll believe it.

  5. Well, wait a minute, I don’t mean to step on toes here, but I thought they actually got that ball spot right. It certainly looked to me like the replay showed the ball behind the yellow line as the player went down.

    Besides, afterwards the Colts had 4th and inches and were probably trying to draw them offsides, but it backfired with the questionable false start — though again, when I saw it at full speed, I thought it was a false start too — then they still had a chance to win it but botched a short kick.

    Bad breaks, yeah, but kudos to Dungy & Co. for owning up to their own mistakes rather than making excuses. And again, at 7-2, they’ll be fine if they play their usual game from here on out.

  6. Joseph got to the 6 yd line. The refs originally spotted the ball generously very close to the 5 yd line. When the re-spotted the ball they placed it between the 6 and 7 yd
    lines…a few inches short of where Joseph actually fell. If you go back and look at where the ball was at the beginning of that series on 1st and 10, the ball was on the 16. 16 minus 10 is 6…so Joseph got the first down but the respotting took a couple inches away.

    Secondly on the 4th down, yes they were trying to draw them offsides like any other team would, and they have shifted like that in a million other games and never been called for it. Dungy asked the head of officiating at the NFL about it and he said they were going to be a little more technical on 4th down from now on starting with that
    play, so you can do whatever the heck you want on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down, but on 4th down the refs are gonna apply the rules.

    It was an unfortunate set of circumstances, but it all comes down to they never should have gotten themselves in that position to begin with. Adam shouldn’t have been counted on to win the game and PM never should have thrown 6 INTs. End of story, but I will say I want them again. If we make the playoffs (which without Dwight Freeney is going to be a challenge), I want the chargers as one of our opponents. There’s unfinished business there.

  7. Additionally, I really enjoyed this article by Dr. Z on It gave a different perspective on how to look at the torture that was Peyton’s performance Sunday night. He certainly doesn’t give up, and that’s one of the things I like about him. I’ve never understood how a player goes back out on the field when the game is pretty much lost. Like last season’s Jacksonville game when we were losing 40 something to 17. There were about 2 minutes left in the game and yet Peyton still went out there wholeheartedly trying to score points. That kind of no quit amazes me. 60 minutes means 60 minutes.

    Peyton Article

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