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Last week, television networks had their upfronts premiering their schedules and trailers for the 2018-19 season.  Usually, I can see a theme like that one year all the shows were about vampires or when they were all about military operations.  I didn’t quite see a theme this time around, but I may need to look more deeply, or perhaps, the networks are trying to give us a variety of options.  What a concept?!

Nevertheless, here are the planned schedules for ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, and NBC.  This pdf version has live links.  The call sign of each network open to an article with show descriptions, while the links attached to individual new shows lead to YouTube for the trailer.  Personally, I’m most excited about Murphy Brown returning.  I watched all these trailers, except one because I’m not a fan of the actress, so I already know I’m not watching that show. But the Murphy Brown trailer is not really even a trailer, and I got the most excited watching it.  I can’t wait!

Which show are you most excited for this fall?


Set Your DVRs

Stay tuned and set your DVRs when the time comes for the 2017-2018 Network Television season.

PDF version of photo

Clickable links in PDF
Network Call Letters ~ Show Descriptions
New Show Names ~ Trailers on YouTube

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Please Stand By…


Coming this fall to a television, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. near you…

Fall 2015-16 TV Schedule (PDF)*

Fall 2015-16 TV Schedule

*Inside the PDF, each network’s call letters will link you to show descriptions and each new show will link you to a video trailer.

Remote Control

The slate of new and returning shows from network television coming this fall following their announcements at their upfront events this week.

Fall 2014-15 TV Schedule

Fall 2014-15 TV Schedule (PDF)

Links to show descriptions can be found in the PDF link above by clicking on the Network call letters at the top of each column.