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This is how I roll.


This is March…

This is March…

~ where diving for balls an extra couple rows into the stands happens.

~ where the pay off for the chemistry you built with your team during pick up games in the summer happens.

~ where Cinderella finding her slipper happens.

~ where pushing you through the last 5 minutes of the game because of an extra work out you got in on a random off day Tuesday back in December happens.

~ where anything’s possible happens.

~ where rivalries happen.

~ where the basketball gods bringing up past transgressions and achievements from 6 decades ago happens.

~ where one shining moment is also heartbreaking happens.

~ where looking past any opponent will get you a one way ticket home earlier than you expected happens.

~ where mental toughness outweighing size and talent happens.

~ where playing for your team, your school, your state, your family, and your friends happens.

~ where happy and sad tears happens.

~ where changing your itinerary because of half court shots happens.

~ where “one more stop” is all you need to shock the world happens.

~ where hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard happens.

~ where emptying your entire tank happens.

~ where leaving it all on the court happens.

~ where how much of your heart you’re willing to give determines your destination happens.

~ where full commitment to the final buzzer happens.

~ where Madness happens.