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Over the course of his football career and endorsement partnership with Gatorade, Gatorade has released a number of incredible advertisements with Peyton, but the best ones are always the ones not trying to sell you their product or tell you how this new formula will help restore your electrolytes faster after a workout.  The ones where they have congratulated him on a major accomplishment like breaking touchdown records or winning super bowls are the best.  Here, as he begins his post-football career, Gatorade has released a series of videos with Family, Friends, and Teammates discussing his kindness and thoughtfulness in recognizing them and the impact they had on his life and the game of football.  Here is the entire series of YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure.  The truest of friends will need a box of tissues next to them as they watch.

This is the main composite video.

This one makes me wonder how many of his Broncos teammates he wrote a note to the night before the Super Bowl, and I do agree. He could work on his handwriting. He’s got some time now.

His dedication to the children’s hospital patients always leaves a lump in my throat. Tyler lost his battle, but Peyton made sure his time here was memorable.

I barely made it through this one. Peyton and I share a similar respect and appreciation for the integrity Mort embodies, and I always knew he called Mort directly to give him the retirement news.

Is there any greater gift to a parent than to say, “thank you for all you did for me”? Or for a sibling to know how much his brother loves and is proud of him?

When Tony says he never knew another more thoughtful person in the NFL than Peyton, it was too much.

He’s always watching. Remember that. He recognizes when someone treats the game with the reverence it deserves. Always do your best. You never know who might be watching.

This was a late addition and might very well be my favorite.