Updates on Gregory Kirill Davis

I know a lot of you prayed for Tesney, Greg, and Kirill throughout this process to bring him home to his forever family.  So, I will try to keep you all updated as much as I can about the progress!

Yesterday, the Supreme Court overturned the judge’s original ruling effective immediately meaning the process to get the adoption approved is over, and now begins the process of getting all the paperwork necessary to actually take him home to Alabama! Roll Tide! (Sorry…had to do it.)  There are no words appropriate to thank you all enough for praying for my friends and being just as excited for them as I am.  God does amazing things, and sometimes He just wants us to ask. =) He has opened doors for these precious children, and I pray that the hearts of everyone involved will be changed forever because of the mountains God moved for Kirill.

Here are a few messages from Tesney:

“Honestly, I’m totally overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of love and support for our family and Kirill. I don’t know what to say. I can’t respond to every message right now, but I will do my best over the weeks and months ahead to respond. If you’ve tried to contact me about something important and I haven’t responded, try again. I’m reading them all, but my brain is so FULL and we’re so excited.”

“Found out we will likely be coming home on June 8th.”

“We will pick up Kirill as soon as we can get to Pskov, which will be after the court decree is ready here in Moscow. They have 5 days from the ruling so it has to be ready by Tuesday. We are praying the decree is ready tomorrow or Friday. If so, we can pick him up as soon as we get it to the regional court in Pskov on Monday morning. I’ll probably be waiting outside the doors for them to open. :)”

And this one from Twitter, which made me giggle: “Off to buy luggage and necessities for Kirill! Yay!”

Here are some celebration pictures post-Supreme Court ruling.  Enjoy the smiles!

Greg and Tesney with their lawyer, Alexander, after court, outside of the Supreme Court building in Moscow.

Greg and Tesney with their translator, Natasha, after court.

Greg's excited about Kirill coming home...so what else to do but a handstand in front of St. Basil's?!?


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