Captions: Week Seventeen

I halfway considered making this the Adam Vinatieri Edition, but figured why change a good thing I’ve got going.  Plus, Adam would hate that kind of attention.  =)

Adam: So remind me, again, Peyton. Peyton: Adam, get focused. I get you in position. You kick the field goal. It's not that hard. Gary: Just do what he says, Adam, and no one gets hurt.

Hey...that's my Gatorade. Don't you touch that. I wasn't finished with it, yet.

Ok, quick check of the Jags/Texans score. Texans still winning. Good. Hut Hut.




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Lazy Pancreas Owner. TV/Movie/Theatre Junkie. Sports Fanatic. Peyton Manning Expert. Alabama Graduate. Car Karaoke Performer. Believer In Love. Come along for the ride.

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