Tyler’s Summer Vacation

Since being drafted 13th overall by the Indiana Pacers in the 2009 NBA draft, Tyler Hansbrough has wasted no time acclimating himself to the professional ranks.  A couple weeks after the draft, he played in the Orlando Pro Summer League.  He and fellow Pacer Roy Hibbert helped lead their team to an undefeated tournament, and both of them made 1st team all tournament.  Tyler averaged 18.2 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in the 5 game tournament.  In fact, he quite impressed the bunch of media types who are the only ones invited to these tournament.  I, on the other hand, was not the least bit surprised by his performance.  And, if you’re wondering, yes I did find the link on the Orlando Magic website to watch the games online and watched every single one of them.

Almost immediately following the summer league play, the organizers of the NASCAR Brickyard 400 announced that Tyler would be the grand marshal of the festivities waving the green flag to start the race.  This impressed me immediately because Peyton Manning was drafted first overall in the 1998 NFL draft and he didn’t get to wave the green flag at Indianapolis Motor Speedway until after he’d won a Super Bowl.  Tyler simply gets drafted and they invite him to wave the flag.

tyler flag

In true Tyler Hansbrough fashion, he waved that flag with as much force as he does when rebounding a ball under the basket with four opposing players hanging on him.  You can watch the video below. The NASCAR race was his first to attend despite spending the last 4 years in the hot bed of NASCAR, North Carolina.

Following the race, the Pacers announced that they would be resting Tyler Hansbrough for 6-8 weeks because the stress reaction in his shin that plagued him at the beginning of last season had returned.  They are resting him in the hopes that he will be available for the full 82-game NBA season.  This stress reaction is one of those annoying injuries that seems like it would be a lot easier to rehab if the reaction was actually a fracture.  At least then he could heal the bone and rehab the leg that way.  I’m always concerned that if he rests it and then goes out there and plays like Tyler Hansbrough, the reaction will just keep returning.  But I’m assuming the NBA knows what they’re doing and I’m hopeful that this period of rest is more of a precaution and there’s not really as strong an injury as he experienced last season.  In his own words, he said that last year’s stress reaction didn’t actually go away until well into December.

I just keep reminding myself that Michael Jordan broke his foot his second season in the NBA and look how his career turned out.  Now, before you yell at me, I am in no way saying that Tyler Hansbrough is Michael Jordan or vice versa.  I’m simply stating that it’s obvious that an injury to start your career does not have to ruin said career.

All in all, Tyler’s had quite the productive summer.  The 6-8 week rest should make him immediately ready for training camp at the end of September and then preseason games.


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