Mr. Hansbrough goes to Washington…

…with a bunch of his friends.

To the victors go the spoils.  It’s been raining practically every day here for the last week and a half, but even the rain knows to stop for the UNC Tar Heels.  I was lucky enough to attend the event in which President Obama welcomed the National Champions to the White House.  

Every member of the team was present including Deon Thompson who was apparently flying back in from California to begin summer school classes tomorrow.  They presented the President with a Carolina jersey complete with Marcus Ginyard’s number and OBAMA on the back.  The seniors presented him with a team picture from when then Senator Obama visited Chapel Hill and scrimmaged with them during his campaign. 

There were times when it was hard to tell who was more excited.  The President seemed equally enthralled to be around the team as they were to be around him.  He gave a great speech thanking them for saving his bracket during the tournament.  He made a point to congratulate Tyler Hansbrough on returning for his 4th and final season, and he even congratulated the seniors on yesterday’s graduation.  His thoughts were complimentary, choosing to focus on the good deeds that the team does throughout the year, such as their annual Special Olympics basketball camp and the Christmas present shopping for needy children.  He praised Coach Williams for successfully leading a program that cares most importantly about the men the players will be off the court.  And he poked fun at Jack Wooten for being so aggressive during that scrimmage. 

I have shared these last 4 years with these men from the comfort of my couch as the only way to experience their accomplishments with them.  But getting up off my couch to cheer this group on one last time, at the White House no less, is…well…there just are no words for what that feeling is like.


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  1. I know I said it already, but this is so freakin’ cool!

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