I Don’t Understand

There are things in this world that I don’t understand.  No matter how many times someone might give me an explanation of why something is the way it is or why something happens.  I still don’t understand why.  Now, I know that I’ve lived a few less years than the wisest among us, but I’ve also lived a few more years than the not so wise among us.  So I feel like I’ve gotten a fair view of the world and how it works.  But still…these things baffle me.  This isn’t to say that I need another person to explain them to me.  I just felt like having share time.  This is a list of ten things I just don’t get.  Feel free to make your own list…cause I know how much we in the blogosphere love lists.  🙂

  1. Traffic congestion.  I’ve never understood why, if we’re all going in the same direction, that we can still be at a stand still.  Now I understand that things happen like accidents and construction.  But when none of that exists and there’s just a bunch of cars, I still don’t understand why we’re not moving.
  2. Babies that cry when they’re playing.  I mean actively playing with a toy or something else that generally makes a person happy and they’re crying through it all.  I just don’t get it.  You can’t actively play and be sad at the same time because if you’re sad, you shouldn’t be playing.  You should be finding your parent or guardian to help eliminate the sadness.
  3. Staying with babies…I don’t understand teething.  It just seems wrong to make such a little life go through such a traumatic experience as a tooth breaking through your gums.  Now, I realize that it’s just not the way it’s done to have a baby born with its teeth, but it just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.
  4. Offensive Goaltending.  I understand defensive goaltending, but I don’t understand that if you’re on the same team that just threw the ball up to the basket why you can’t help that ball on through the net.  By my estimation, that’s a tip in.  🙂
  5. People who don’t like Tom Hanks.  This one needs no explanation.  Really…
  6. People who can only find the negative in Title IX.  Yeah I get it…Title IX ruined male sports like gymnastics.  Gosh…that’s upsetting.  But get freaking over it and realize this…if it weren’t for Title IX, do you think Pat Summitt would have won 1,001 (and counting) women’s college basketball games as a head coach?  We might not even know who Pat Summitt is.  This subject has a very personal place in my heart because I watched my brother’s passion for the game of basketball parlay itself into a passion for coaching girl’s basketball, and he might not have a job in the field of coaching if it weren’t for Title IX.
  7. Competitive people.  Not typical competition like in contests and sports…that I get.  But I’m talking about a person who sees something someone has done and absolutely has to go do it themselves and figure out how they can do it better than that person.  I understand progression and new invention.  But I’m talking specifically about people who do something just to show someone up when that someone they’re trying to show up doesn’t even know there’s a competition.
  8. Auburn fans.  I accept that they exist.  I just don’t understand why.
  9. Dusting.  It just comes back.  Why do it?
  10. Baseball foul balls.  Specifically, I don’t understand why the first two balls fouled off are strikes and the next 3+ are not. I get that it’s the rule, but why is it bad to do it twice but it’s ok to do it any time after that.

Alright…that’s my list.  What’s yours?


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  1. #8 would definitely be on my list.

  2. #s 2, 8, and 9 got a good hearty laugh out of me.

    My “I Don’t Understand” of the moment is in-season top 25 rankings of teams. “Yes, guys, let us relish in the fact that right now, as we’re playing teams that somehow manage to scrounge up 12 bodies for us to pound into the hardwood, that we are the #1 ranked team!” becomes “Well guys, now that we’re playing opponents who’s schools are only one or two words in length, we have discovered that we, in fact, aren’t good. We’ve dropped out of the top 25. I quit this game.”

    I realize that it’s mostly a marketing ploy to keep the average fan interested in the game… but is it really necessary?

    Good blog… I’m sure I’ll be back.


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