Happy New Year

2008 is coming to a close when it seems like it just started.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like this was a jam-packed year that flew by way too fast.  With that, I give you my final post for this year.  It’s not a WWIR, but it’ll do.

  • How Did We Get Here: Saturday night, the Colts will take on the Chargers, again.  In the playoffs, again.  In San Diego, again.  Every road team in the wild card weekend is picked to win the game.  But the analysts are all still picking the Chargers to overcome that betting line and with good reason.  As a Colts fan, I know all too well how history repeats itself.  The Chargers have become our new Patriots.  But that’s ok.  Count the Colts out. 
    • Two years ago they won the Super Bowl with everyone counting them out.  They said our rushing defense couldn’t stop Larry Johnson and the Chiefs.  Check!  Then they said Peyton would never be able to handle the Ravens’ defense.  Check!  Well then there’s no way we can handle the Patriots AGAIN.  They always have our number in the playoffs.  Biggest 2nd half comeback in the history of the conference championship game, Check!  Rain on the Super Bowl…Peyton will never be able to handle those conditions and bring home the trophy.  CHECKMATE! 
    • I’m hopeful (and cautiously optimistic) that this post season turns out the way the 2006 season turned out, but am realistically thinking it will turn out like 2005 or 2007 did.  I will say the fairy tale ending is all set.  Peyton comes back from 2 knee surgeries in 14 days, missing training camp and preseason.  The IR list is longer than the weekly injury report, but the team goes on a 9 game winning streak.  The Super Bowl is in Tampa where Tony Dungy began his head coaching career and was (thankfully for us Colts fans) sent packing after three straight years of playoff appearances.  I’m of the mind that this is Tony’s last season, so with everything that the Colts have had to face this year and to overcome, for Tony to get to go out in that fashion in Tampa…Hollywood couldn’t even make this stuff up. 
    • So, Saturday I will sit in the same spot I’ve sat all season.  I will make the same game time munchies that I made for every playoff game in 2006, and I will hold my breath.  No matter what happens though, I will look back at this season when it’s really all said and done and marvel at the fact that in January I was actually thinking Playoffs!
  • Mary Poppins It Is: Friday night, Alabama plays Utah in the Sugar Bowl (get it: Mary Poppins/spoon full of sugar…oh never mind).  We will be doing this without Andre “I couldn’t wait 5 freaking days before I spoke to a dumb agent” Smith.  I’m a firm believer that just because you lose a player to injury (physical or stupidity) does not mean you give up and throw in the towel.  Coach Saban is a strong enough coach to know this and hopefully he’s capable of effectively communicating that to the players.  We can do this without him.  We just have know that we can and step up.  I’m still having a hard time looking at this game as anything other than a consolation prize.  I allowed myself to get my heart set on the National Championship, so anything less just seems like a let down.  The Sugar Bowl’s great.  There are a ton of teams who would give anything to be in our position right now, but it just still feels wrong. 
  • The Life of the Party: Sunday, North Carolina begins its ACC play against Boston College.  I have never looked so forward to and at the same time been so scared of a section of their schedule.  In my humble opinion, the ACC is THE BEST college basketball conference in the country, so I know all too well how horrible and how gratifying this part of the year can be.  I’m still looking for a few more things to come together on the court, but to this point, I am so incredibly proud of what they’ve done.  I will say they look like they’re a little bored with all of this and are looking forward to the Wednesday/Saturday ACC schedule.  It’s really when things start to fire on all cylinders, but knowing how difficult it is to win out in ACC play, I’m terribly nervous. 
  • 2009: In my mind’s eye, there is a door marked 2009.  It is closed and locked, but tonight at midnight, the door will swing open.  I have no idea what is on the other side of that door.  I have hopes of what I will find, but it is all so uncertain.  Some days when I wake up I want that door to stay shut and locked.  I don’t want to walk through it.  And other days I wake up and say, “bring it.”  Guess there’s only one way to do this…bust that dang door wide open and say, “hit me with your best shot.”

Happy New Year, everyone!


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