WWIR: The Early Edition

Because of the holidays I’m doing this week’s WWIR a day early.  I’m debating about whether to have a WWIR next week.  We’ll see, but just in case, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and happy new year.

  • 100+: Last week a milestone was reached.  Something that has been in the works and inevitable for some time now.  I had no doubt in my mind that one day I would be prouder than I’ve ever been in my life.  No, it wasn’t Tony Dungy taking his team to 10 consecutive playoff appearances, and it wasn’t Tyler Hansbrough becoming UNC’s all time leading scorer.  No…last week my brother won his 100th game as a head basketball coach.  I still remember the first time I saw him coach a high school game.  I cried just watching him stand on the sidelines watching the players warm up.  Heck…I still remember the first time I saw him coach the city Rec. League.  I couldn’t tell you the score of any game he’s coached (there are too many numbers in my head already), but I can tell you that he has more passion for the game of basketball than some high powered, over paid NBA players do.  I hope some day that someone sees that same passion that I do and snatches him up for a college program.  He’s long overdue for such a recognition.
  • Mah-whidge: My dear, sweet, beautiful friend Jacque got married this weekend to the man of her dreams, Mike.  They got married in jolly ole England, so many of us couldn’t be there to celebrate with them.  However, this being the information age, Jacque and Mike arranged for a live stream of the wedding on their wedding website.  Several of my friends gathered in one location to watch the joyous occasion.  Jacque looked spectacular in her dress and Mike cleaned up nicely in his authentic kilt.  We couldn’t help but crack up when the officiant began the ceremony with the word marriage.  But, he didn’t pronounce marriage the way you and I might.  It sounded like something straight out of The Princess Bride.  Yes, on Saturday, Mah-whidge was what brought us together that day.  Congratulation Jacque and Mike.  May you find happiness as you navigate this crazy world together.
  • 1st to 10:  Now, back to that Tony Dungy thing.  As I sit here today, I’m still amazed that just as I typed a few months ago that the Colts were going to have to win out for any chance at making the playoffs, they seemed to string together these last 8 wins in order to do just that.  It was looking a little all for not in the first half and deep into the 3rd quarter last Thursday night as the Jaguars led at halftime 17-7.  But something funny happened…not just Peyton being Peyton and throwing all of 5 incompletions the entire night (at halftime he had zero incompletions in 13 attempts), but something I haven’t felt all season.  I sat on my couch and starred at the score and thought briefly about the prospect of having to beat Tennessee the next week in order to get into the playoffs.  And just as quickly as the thought crossed my mind, I erased it because in my heart and my mind, I just felt like they were going to pull it out.  Sure the defense frustrated me for much of the game, but all too often this season I’ve watched one Colts defense play 3 quarters and a totally different Colts defense play the 4th.  God love ’em…they come through in the end.  And with that win and a playoff berth, Tony Dungy becomes the first coach in the history of the NFL to lead his team to 10 consecutive post season appearances.  A few of those appearance I’d like to forget, but growing pains though they might be, over the years, I have learned how incredibly hard it is to win a super bowl.  31 teams go home every year unhappy and 1 goes home with a sparkly trophy.  So for one coach…one coach…to take his team to the post season…not just 10 times, but 10 straight times, there are just no words that appropriately describe how remarkable that really is.  It couldn’t have happened to a better guy, either.
  • All Good Things Must Come To An End:  Just days after that playoff berth win, the city of Indianapolis disposed of the first home of the Indianapolis Colts.  The roof had long been deflated and the new stadium had long been broken in.  But now, the building is no more.  Good-bye sweet RCA dome.  May you rest in peace in stadium heaven.  The memories you produced will not soon be forgotten.

Be merry and bright, everyone.  Happy Holidays!


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  1. What a great idea from your friends marrying in England! That was so considerate to let friends who wished they could be there to celebrate with them. Hope you are having a merry xmas – :0

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