WWIR: 9 and counting

  • Lazy Daze: This weekend was most relaxing, but a little odd.  It was the first Saturday that I didn’t have college football to watch, but thankfully, there was college basketball.  I got all my errands done on Friday night (since I lead a fabulously exciting life), so Saturday I got to just hang out at the house and do laundry and various other lazy day things.  I went to the post office at about 8pm and mailed the last of my packages.  My post office has one of those automated shipping machines, and I’ve discovered if you go at night or on Sunday, no one is there and there’s no line.  Oh I love it.  Sunday I finished my holiday baking, so from now until after Christmas I just get to look at all the pretty decorations.
  • Inevitable: Saturday night’s game was UNC v. Oral Roberts.  Yeah I know…what a combo, but hey…the #2 team in the nation played Stony Brook the other night.  Deal with it!  Going into the game Tyler Hansbrough needed 35 points to become UNC’s career points leader.  Coach Williams pulled him at the 26 point mark.  As you can see in the Tyler Tracker to the right, he needs 9 points tomorrow night against Evansville to take the top spot.  Coach Williams wanted Phil Ford (the current #1 and still the best point guard to ever play at UNC) to be there when Tyler broke the record, and Phil couldn’t be there Saturday (he’s an assistant with the NBA Charlotte Bobcats).  So, Coach pulled him before he could muscle his way through the last 9 points.  It’s amazing to me that we’ve gotten to watch 4 years of Tyler Hansbrough, but it’s even more amazing that Tyler and Phil are cut from the same cloth only 30 years apart.  I think it will come on a 3-point play, and I think Tyler will have no idea when he hits it.  Someone will have to pull him aside and tell him that the last shot sealed the deal.  And then Tyler can go back to playing basketball…just as it should be.  For a rather humorous and tongue in cheek perspective on Tyler Hansbrough, read Rick Reilly’s column this week.
  • Fail Safe: James M. Fail graduated from the University of Alabama in 1949.  Since then he has become a wealthy man through his work as a financier.  Monday, the University named a room after him.  Mr. Fail never expected to have anything named after him because, as he says, “who would want anything with the name ‘Fail’ on it?”  I tend to agree until I found out what they named after him.  The Visitor’s Locker Room at Bryant-Denny (football) Stadium is now called…wait for it…The Fail Room.  You can’t make this stuff up people. 
  • Still Waiting: Well…speaking of failures, my campaign to get Dallas Clark’s ticket punched to the Pro Bowl failed miserably yesterday afternoon when the rosters were announced and his name was not on it.  I’ve heard a lot of analysts say that he was one of the biggest surprises not to make it.  He gets beat out every year by Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City Chiefs and Antonio Gates of the San Diego Chargers mainly because he’s not as flashy as they are.  Tony and Antonio rack up stats as the primary receiving option on their teams, while Dallas plays a more traditional tight end role for the Colts.  This is due in most part to the fact that Peyton has so many weapons that Dallas is just one of several options.  His contribution to the team can’t be found on a stat sheet.  Never mind the fact that Tony is on a team whose offense is ranked 24th in the league and current record is 2-12, but I guess since he’s the best player the Chiefs have, he should get to go to Hawaii for the umpteenth time in his career.  And Antonio Gates ranks 4th (2 behind Dallas) among AFC tight ends and is on a team whose record is 6-8.  But I’m not bitter.  Dallas Clark will always be All-Pro in my book. 
    • More Pro Bowl: On a happier note, the Colts had 4 players selected: 2 offense and 2 defense.  Both Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis were selected, which means both our defensive ends are going to Hawaii.  Robert (an Alabama A&M grad) has long lived in Dwight’s shadow, but he is more than deserving of this honor.  This will be the 5th round 2003 draft pick’s first trip to the Pro Bowl.  Reggie Wayne will be making his 3rd consecutive trip to Hawaii, and Peyton Manning will finally get to hold court at the players hotel with his baby brother Eli. 
  • Sweatin’ It Out: Detriot came to Indy on Sunday to play the Colts.  Yes, the 0-13 (at the time) Detroit Lions.  I was afraid we were going to get our behinds handed to us because it’s crunch time.  Going into Sunday, Detroit had 3 games left to keep from going winless the whole season.  The Colts tried ever so carefully to be THAT team that helped them get over the hump.  With 9 minutes left in the game, the score was tied at 21.  The Colts had a 21-10 advantage at halftime and watched (literally…just stood there and watched) Detroit spend the first 17 minutes of the 2nd half climbing out of the whole to tie it up.  And then Peyton just got pissed off and racked up 10 more points on them before the game was over.  Dallas Clark broke his own franchise records in Sunday’s game catching 12 balls for 142 yards and one touchdown.  But, suffice it to say, beating Detroit by only 10 points wasn’t very thrilling.  The Colts need one more win to earn a wild card spot in the playoffs.  I still find that last sentence remarkable after the horrid way this season started, but I’m so proud of them for hanging in there and making it happen. 

Christmas is 8 days away.  Are you ready?

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