WWIR: Finding Peace

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: This weekend I pulled out all the Christmas decorations and managed to get them all up.  I love coming home to my house with the Christmas lights already on (they’re on timers).  Thanks to my friend Jessica for coming over on Sunday afternoon and helping me finish everything off.  It helped keep my mind off the events of the previous day.  I have almost all my Christmas shopping done.  One last gift I’m going to get tonight because I had to wait until it was released.  Then it’s off to the UPS store to ship the gifts.  I am SO excited about one of the gifts I got for the daughter of a friend.  I can’t wait to hear how she likes it.  All the Christmas cards are ready to go into the mail, but I feel like I’m forgetting something completely.  It may just be that December seems to be rolling by incredibly fast.  Today we are 14 days from Christmas Eve.  That’s just too quick for me.
  • No Smiles: Saturday afternoon/evening went horribly.  In the back of my mind I pretty much expected Bama to lose that game, but one part of me couldn’t shake the fact that I thought we could do it.  I really did.  There are no words to explain how proud I am of the team for the way they performed this season.  I wanted something to be proud of, but mostly I just wanted them to care when they played poorly and not have that better luck next time attitude.  I can say without reservation that they overachieved on my request.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that a team that had nearly the same record the two previous seasons would turn around hold an everlasting grasp on the #1 spot in the polls for half the season.  No matter what you might think of him, Nick Saban is worth every penny we’ve paid him.  And honestly, if you think there is a soul out there who wouldn’t leave their current job for $4 million a year, you’re delusional unless the individual makes more than $4M a year.  Some day, I hope Coach Saban tells the whole back story of how everything REALLY went down.  I am excited about next season if for no other reason than we still have Nick Saban.  The only thing that worries me is that the majority of the 9 scholarship seniors were the O-line.  Take a moment and think about that…Bama did everything they did this year with fewer scholarship seniors than the 11 players needed on the field for a team at any given time.  That’s remarkable to say the least.  It’s on to the Sugar Bowl for us against what the media calls Florida’s clone (Utah).  Hopefully, we’ll send the seniors out on a happy note. 
  • Priceless Time: My friend Knoel came in to town on Thursday night.  She stayed with me on Thursday and Friday night and I dropped her off at her hotel downtown on Saturday afternoon for her conference this week.  I took Friday off and we just played.  Did a little shopping and had a lot of fun.  Knoel was also a big help this weekend with the Christmas decorating…and despite my protests, she even cleaned my kitchen for me.  Saturday we went downtown to see the sights because Knoel had never been here before.  She was in awe.  I enjoy seeing DC through some one’s eyes who’s never been here before.  Sometimes the city’s elegance gets lost on me, but those moments bring me back.  Knoel seemed to have a great time as well, and hopefully the next time she comes she’ll bring the whole family. 
  • Streaking: The Colts are on a 6 game winning streak, and suddenly the media is back on their bandwagon.  Imagine that.  There’s even been mention of Peyton for MVP.  I’ll admit, I was ready to throw in the towel on multiple occasions, but something always gave me just a little glimmer of hope.  Now, I’m not saying we’re gonna win the Super Bowl, but I am saying we’ve got a shot.  Stranger things have happened.  You just have to be playing your best ball at the right time.  This weekend the Colts play Detroit.  I’m crossing my fingers that we’re not THAT ONE TEAM.  You know what I mean.
  • First Times: Saturday, Lincoln went to his first football game with Mimi, Grandpa, and Daddy.  They took him to the ACC Championship game that was played in Tampa, FL.  He liked the band.  🙂  Mom thinks that the football game was just too far away for him to realize it was the same thing that shows up inside the box at home.  But still he had fun!  Mom is wearing her Carolina shirt in protest that she had to go watch VA Tech and Boston College.  Apparently there were several people there under the same protest. 
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  1. 1. Christmas lights on timers? Nice.
    2. I absolutely agree with everything you said concerning the Bama game, the team and *swoon* Saban. 🙂
    3. Your mom’s shirt–too funny.

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