WWIR: Double Issue

After a much needed 9 day vacation to Florida, I’m back in the swing of things.  As promised, here’s the WWIR Double Issue for last week and this week.

  • Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving was so much fun.  I ate too much, shopped too much, but never came any where close to spending too much time with my nephew.  I got to babysit him on Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving while Andy and Janet were at work.  We went on a stroll to the park.  Hit up the swings, which he loves.  We found a rock outside that was just the right size for his hand.  We giggled.  We hugged.  We rocked.  We napped.  It was the very definition of perfection.
  • Black Friday: Per tradition, Black Friday was no match for me.  I very nearly got all my Christmas shopping done that day, and the only reason I didn’t was because I didn’t want to have to bring stuff back on the plane that I could buy when I got home.  I love Christmas.  It’s the entire atmosphere of people just being nicer.  People are just happier at Christmas, I think.
  • Football: Along with March Madness, the NFL Draft, and the last and first weeks of a year (Bowl weeks), Thanksgiving weekend is one of my favorite sports weekends all year.  It starts on Thursday with the Lions and Cowboys games and shoots straight into rivalry weekend in college football.  To say the least, it was a great weekend for me as Alabama finally knocked off Auburn after 6 years of losing.  My co-worker who graduated from Auburn unhappily has my singing/dancing Big Al on display in his office as his penance for losing the bet this year.  It’s obnoxious, but I’m making up for 6 years here people.  I considered calling the University and finding out if the real Big Al could just come and sit in his office for a week, but I decided to be nice.
  • GO TARPONS: The Friday after Thanksgiving, my high school football team played in the Regional Semifinals of the 5A playoffs.  And they WON!!  The best part though was that they played against arguably the best 5A team in the state AND that team was the only team to beat my high school during the regular season.  So, all in all it was a sweet victory that was capped by a punt return for a TD and an interception to close out the game.  Now they move on to the Regional Finals.  It’s very strange to read the articles about the games because a lot of the kids on the team now are the children of some teachers I knew.  Very weird!
  • Stupid Criminals: Every now and then they have this list of the stupidest criminals.  I’ve decided that Plaxico Burress should be tops on that list.  From what I understand the boy got all dressed up in all his bling and then put on gray sweatpants in the pocket of which he placed his gun.  He then went clubbing.  Upon deciding to move to a different part of the club the gun fell out of his pocket.  Plaxico effectively fumbled it and eventually it went off, shooting him in the thigh.  Personally, I think a guy who has been in the league 9 years and only fumbled the football 9 times should be able to hold on to a gun.  Now the gun and shooting part is not the stupidest part…but gray sweatpants with diamonds???  COME ON!
  • Tar Heels in Paradise: North Carolina played in the Maui Invitational the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  In the first game against host school Chaminade, Tyler didn’t play, but that didn’t seem to matter.  However, the most important thing that happened in the game was when Danny Green put the entire NCAA on notice.  During the first half, one of the Chaminade players jumped up to block one of Danny Green’s dunks and did so successfully.  Following the block the Chaminade player, saluted the audience.  This sparked what ended up being the best run of Danny’s career (to that point), which Danny culminated with a successful dunk shot followed by a salute.  Word to the NCAA: Don’t piss off Danny Green.  Tyler did play in the game against Oregon and Notre Dame and chipped the rest of the rust off from his stint of sitting out practice and North Carolina won the tournament.  After the Oregon game, Tyler was quoted as saying that he was out of shape, but that he would get back in shape the more he played.  Now, I discovered this picture of him from Maui.  If he’s out of shape, I’m not sure there’s a word that’s been invented for what I am:
  • tyler-in-maui

  • De Plane, De Plane: On the plane ride home from Hawaii, the Tar Heel basketball team was called on to do something very unbasketball like.  They were asked to carry an unconscious man to the galley of the airplane so that doctors on board could help stabilize the individual.  It’s moments like this when I’m the most proud of these guys and the men they are off the court.  You get the feeling like they’re the kind of guys who would stop and change your tire for you if you were stranded on the side of the road.  You can read the whole story here.
  • No Brainer: Sports Illustrated chose its Sportsman of the Year, and it is none other than Michael Phelps.  (Yes, he’s still relevant…he’s teaching kids to swim.)  Really, sit back and think about this…who else would you pick that did anything this year more remarkable than what Michael Phelps did in the 2008 Olympics.  Go ahead…I’ll wait.  (singing Jeopardy music in head)  That’s what I thought.  Enjoy the picture:
  • sismoty

Well that’s all I’ve got.  This weekend holds some fun times with a friend visiting and the SEC Championship game.  Here’s hoping I’m still smiling next week.  Happy December!


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Lazy Pancreas Owner. TV/Movie/Theatre Junkie. Sports Fanatic. Peyton Manning Expert. Alabama Graduate. Car Karaoke Performer. Believer In Love. Come along for the ride.

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  1. I would have loved to see Big Al sitting in your co-worker’s office!!! I could bring my 3 foot 2 version with some shakers if you’d like (and if he would cooperate!) 🙂

    And really — I think you need one more six pack in your post. Not enough amazing abs, in my opinion. 🙂

  2. For some reason, Farmer Ted (co-worker) didn’t like the idea of having Big Al in his office. I can’t understand why. 😉

    I’d be happy to throw some more 6packs up there, but unfortunately Peyton lost his a long time ago (if he ever had one) and replaced it with an actual 6pack.

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