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Before I get into WWIR, I want to remind everyone to go out and VOTE next Tuesday. I actually voted last night via in-person absentee balloting at my local government center. I don’t care who you’re voting for. That is your decision, but PLEASE VOTE!

It’s Wednesday. Can you believe it? The weeks just seem to be flying by. I swear May was just yesterday, and here we are less than 2 months from Christmas. I need to get my shopping list together. Just so you know, I’m going to do a separate entry for Late Night with Roy. I had so much fun that I think it deserves its own write-up.

I’m calling this week’s WWIR “Linkapalooza” because I’ve got tons of links to share with you and my very first blog poll. In fact, let’s start with that.

  • When I was driving back from Chapel Hill on Saturday it was raining. In some places it was pretty heavy, and I started to notice that A LOT of cars on the road did not have their lights on. Now, I know that most cars these days have daytime running lights, but those are front headlights, not back taillights. When I was learning how to drive, it was (and still is) a state law in Florida that you have to turn your lights on when it’s raining. In fact, it’s kind of an unwritten rule that if you turn on the windshield wipers, you turn on the lights. I’m guessing it’s not a law in every state or people just don’t care. Here’s the poll question:
  • I’m a huge fan of the show Supernatural. In fact, it’s probably my favorite show on television. It airs on the CW on Thursday nights at 9pm if you’re interested. This past Thursday night’s show included a little gift to the viewers at the end when the episode was actually over. During the episode there was a scene where one of the main characters was air drumming to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” while lying down in the front seat of the car. The other main character was supposed to tap on the roof of the car to cue the actor drumming to stop and go on with the rest of the scene. Well the roof tapper wondered what would happen if he didn’t give the cue…what would the other actor do? Well here is your answer. I’ve watched this video about 10 times now, and it just gets better EVERY TIME.
  • Speaking of TV, one of my favorite shows last season was Moonlight. It didn’t get renewed for this season. I think it was mainly a victim of the writer’s strike because it had a pretty good cult following. Being the good loyal viewer that I was, I chose to not watch the show that took its time slot this season just on principle…plus I’m not a huge fan of the actress who was the main character in the replacement show. Well, this week CBS cancelled The Ex List, which was the replacement on Friday nights at 9pm. Serves them right is all I can say.
  • One last thing about TV: if you get the Planet Green channel (it’s a Discovery Channel channel), please watch Emeril Green tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8pm ET. One of the members of my church family is going to be on the show. The episode is titled Sunday Dinner, and here is the description:
    • Emeril Green
      Sunday Dinner

      Ray has a high-powered Army job that he balances out with a love of cooking. Every Sunday he hosts dinner for his church group and needs new exciting dishes. We’ll help him make Cola-Braised Pot Roast with Vegetables and Peaches and Cream Bread Pudding.
  • I haven’t seen this on network TV, but it’s the new Peyton Manning MasterCard Commercial. Personally I like the 6’5” 230 pound QB, laser rocket arm one and the cut that meat commercials, but this is pretty funny. You have to pay attention because it’s not funny if you don’t realize that the people in opposing cities are saying these things to him. Here’s the making of the video as well. And on November 2nd, you can go here to send a personalized message to a friend from Peyton Manning much like they did last year with the Pep Talks.
  • I’m going to stay with the topic of Peyton for just a moment. Last Friday when I was enjoying the gloriousness that is Chapel Hill, I noticed a report that the IndyStar was saying Peyton had a staph infection that caused the second surgery, which would seem to be in line with what is going on with Kellen Winslow in Cleveland and with Tom Brady in New England. Not long after I read that first report, the Colts issued an official statement regarding the allegations. It should be noted that Jim Irsay and Bill Polian absolutely HATE to issue statements. They only issue them when someone is DEAD WRONG about something or if a prominent person in the NFL or history of the NFL passes away. So, when I saw they had issued a statement, I thought to myself…oh no…the media has gone too far this time. This is the statement, which can be found on the Colts’ website:
    • “Peyton Manning developed swelling in his left pre-patella bursa in late February. The swollen bursa was treated conservatively beginning in February with drainage and anti-inflammatory medication. The first signs of infection occurred while he was in New Orleans in July.
      “It should be noted that infection developed prior to any surgery. Upon manifestation of the signs of infection, he immediately had surgery to remove the bursa sac. Concurrently, he was treated aggressively with antibiotics, and the infection was eliminated. The second procedure (tacking of the skin to eliminate the bursal space) was designed to ensure the complete and swift resolution of the bursal problem. The procedure was successful.
      “The second procedure was in no way, shape or form, related to the infection. The second procedure did not delay his rehabilitation or recovery materially. It also should be noted emphatically that, at no time, did he have MRSA.
      “It is clear from consultation with our physicians, including infectious disease specialists, that staph is a societal medical problem. There is no empirical evidence that indicates to our physicians there is a problem related to resistant staph (MRSA) with respect to the Indianapolis Colts.”
    • Basically with this statement Jim and Bill are saying we will never speak of this matter, again. And I am all for that. I’m kind of sick of talking about knees, especially Peyton’s knees. Peyton didn’t want to speak about his knees to begin with because he hates using them as an excuse, and that’s exactly what has happened. The media is using his knees as an excuse for the way the Colts are playing. I’m sorry, but if everything hinged on how well Peyton played, we never would have won the Super Bowl. He threw two fewer interceptions in the post season the year we won the Super Bowl than he threw in the sixteen regular season games combined. This team is not losing just because Peyton is playing poorly.
  • That said. Let’s speak to that. The Colts played the Titans on Monday night. I really thought the first half and part of the 3rd quarter that we looked good. That we were getting over the hump and we were going to be ok. And then the stupid penalties reared their ugly head and our inability to get our defense off the field and keep our offense on the field proved to be our downfall once, again. I’m pretty much prepared to call Amazon and ask what the bulk rate on this bookwould be. Like I said last week, we’re teetering dangerously close to that line where we have to win the rest of the games to clinch just the 2nd wild card spot. I heard on Tuesday morning that even after all this and being 3-4, we’re only 1 game out of that spot. I was ready to give up all hope on Tuesday morning. To accept reality that this was just going to be a down year. It’s harder to accept than you might think, but then I came in this morning and read one of the many blogs I read on a daily basis. Deshawn Zombie over at 18to88.com had a post that really just brought me back and said screw the critics. Let’s remember how spoiled and lucky we’ve been. Click here if you’d like to bring back the hope. But what I find even more interesting is how surprised everyone is by the Titans. Before the season started, I heard many debates on whether the Jaguars were at the point in their development that they could take over the top spot in the AFC South from the Colts. Not once did anyone mention the Titans. Have we really all forgotten that just 8 measly years ago this past January the Titans were ONE YARD away from winning the Super Bowl? Sure a lot has changed in 8 years, but still you have to remember that the Titans aren’t a terrible team.
  • On a different NFL note, one of the beat writers for the IndyStar posted this little nuggeton his blog this week. Apparently a Ph.d. candidate at Kent State University is conducting a survey on NFL football fans as part of his research for his dissertation. I’ve taken the survey, and it’s pretty straight forward. I figure why not help the guy out, so if you’ve got a few minutes click on the word nugget above and take the survey.
  • Now to my final thought. THIS IS THE LONGEST WORLD SERIES IN THE HISTORY. Ok maybe not because I didn’t actually research that to see if what’s been going on the last couple of days actually has happened before. What I do know is that Monday was supposed to be Game 5, in which the Phillies had the opportunity to end the series all together with a win. Fast forward to the bottom of the 6th when the game is tied 2-2 and the rain is pouring down so heavily, that they suspend play. It was supposed to resume last night to complete the final 3.5 innings, but Bud Selig decided at noon yesterday that it would still be raining too much that night. Guess what…it stopped raining. Sure it was still kind of yucky and windy last night, but by all accounts, they could have played. Now, fast forward to today where as of this afternoon, they plan to resume Game 5 tonight. Never mind that snow, not rain, was in the forecast for Philadelphia today. I’m still holding out hope that they’ll take this series back to Tampa for games 6 and 7, but right now I’d just like to get to the end of Game 5. GO RAYS!

Ok. Enjoy the links, and as always, thanks for reading.


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  1. Well, they played 5 games in 8 days.

    In 1919 they managed to play 8 games in 9 days.

  2. THANKS! I didn’t really want to do that research, so I’m glad someone did it for me.

    Just out of curiosity, why 8 games?

  3. After WWI there was a lot of excitement with many of the top players coming back, and the leagues decided to capitalize by extending the series to best-of-9 for a few years. That year, the Reds managed to dispatch the White Sox (or “Black Sox, as they’re now known) in 8 games.

    Actually, my guess would be that the 2001 and 2002 World Series, each of which went 7 games, took longer than any of the 9 games series, but I think the older series’ make for an interesting contrast.

  4. Very interesting. Thanks for the info!

  5. Correction…they actually did finish in 8 days in both ’01 and 02, of course, that was 7 games as opposed to just 5.

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