Is It Just Me?

I ask myself that a lot, so I thought I’d throw that out to the wolves readers.  This topic could possibly become a regular series on this blog because I really do want to know if it’s just me or if everyone is noticing the things I do.

Last night I was back and forth between my regular Thursday lineup and the Rays/Red Sox game.  I finished the other shows when the baseball game was in the 7th inning stretch, so I was able to watch the rest of the game.  As I sit here this morning, I’m kicking myself for that.  I was thoroughly annoyed with the outcome of the game but not nearly as annoyed as I was with the announcers on TBS.  So, I ask you all, is it just me or are the announcers so far up the butts of the Red Sox that they can taste Terry Francona’s gum?  

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t watch a lot of baseball.  As evidenced by my after midnight bed time last night, I know why.  Sports with no clocks bother me.  I like time limits.  I can count on one hand the number of baseball games I have watched this entire season including the postseason where the bulk of the total comes into play.  So, I don’t hear a lot of announcers on the games because I just don’t watch.  Last night I saw two and a half innings straight without flipping back to whatever else I was watching.  In that two and a half innings, I wondered why TBS had suddenly tapped into the Red Sox feed of the game for broadcasting.  Then, I realized…oh wait…those are the general TBS announcers who are supposed to be UNBIASED!!!!  If I can gather that from two and a half innings, let me just say that I think TBS owes all real baseball fans out there who are not Red Sox fans a big apology for the entire season of games they broadcast.  If I were a baseball fan, that drippy love fest would have made me mute the TV.   

I wonder still this morning what the announcers would have said if the final of the game had remained at 7-0or even 7-6 and the Rays had finished off the Red Sox last night in game 5.  Would there be all kinds of how great the players are but they just came up short this time or would they actually analyze the play and mention the fact that the Red Sox failed to show up until the final 3 innings of the game when they were batting against the Rays bullpen and not the starter Kazmir who was doing perfectly fine before he was pulled. I still don’t understand that.  I subscribe to the idea that you don’t pull a pitcher until he isn’t pitching well enough to keep from losing the game. 

Is it just me or is anyone else out there kind of over the whole Red Sox thing?  Sure I pulled for them when they finally got over the curse of the Bambino, but since then, I’ve really lost interest.  And this whole coming back from three games down was cute at first, but now it’s just obnoxious and annoying.  On a slightly related note, I’m probably the last person alive who hadn’t seen Kevin Youkilis’s batting stance until last night.  There’s really only one way for me to describe it.  The guy looked like he had to go to the bathroom really bad.  It was actually painful to watch. 

Is it just me or is a bigger deal made out of venue noise than needs to be?I was met this morning with Peter Gammons on Mike and Mike in the Morning where he has a regular call in time on Friday mornings.  I respect Peter a lot because he knows baseball better than anyone else I’ve heard, and I get the feeling he knows more about the sport than he tells any of us in his reporting.  I didn’t hear the entire segment, but what I did hear was Peter saying that when they go back to Tampa St. Pete for game 6 and possibly game 7 the noise level in The Trop The Dome (It was The Dome first, it will always be The Dome) is what will play the biggest factor…that game 6 at least will be more about fan noise and cowbells than it will be about baseball.  That annoyed me.  Of course I know that venue noise can play a factor in the mental strategy of a game, but seriously, suck it up.  A professional athlete in any sport should be equipped with the mental toughness to withstand any amount of crowd and venue noise during a game.  I understand that the RCA Dome in Indianapolis was one of the toughest venues to play because of the noise factor.  I also know that in the indoor football practice facility at Alabama the sound system is set up to pipe in the noise level of an opponent’s stadium but that even at its highest decibel, the system cannot mimic that of The Swamp in Gainesville.  So, I get that people see it as a factor, I just don’t think it’s a big enough factor to warrant someone saying the noise level will make the game about that instead of the actual sport.  Professional athletes should be able to tune that out.   



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  1. I disagree on the clock thing. There’s nothing I find more boring than clock killing and nothing that disrupts the game like “clock management.” (especially in an otherwise free-flowing game like basketball). I’d say one of baseball’s greatest strengths is that it’s impossible to sit on a lead, you have to go out there and get the outs if you want to win.

  2. Does that mean you agree with me on everything else?

  3. Haha, well no, not EVERYTHING else. As to the contents of this post, though, I think we’re in agreement on almost everything else.

    I agree as to the Red Sox thing and the media, as indicated by my comment on a previous post. To me, they’ve pretty much become the Yankees.

    I missed last night’s game so I can’t really say whether pulling him was a good move. I think it depends a lot on the individual pitcher and game situation, but generally I think if the starter is going strong, leave him in.

    As to noise, I think it’s overrated. Unless it’s interfering with communication I don’t think it should make a difference. In baseball, it’s mostly hand signals anyway, so there you have it.

  4. Oh goodness…no…I would never expect you to agree with me on everything. In fact, that’s one of my favorite things about being friends with you…we don’t agree on everything and that’s ok because we both know that each of us is entitled to our opinions.

    I meant to write in my post that I thought at least you would agree with me on the Red Sox and the announcers as evidenced by the comment on the previous post, but I forgot.

  5. I live with a die-hard Sox fan, so no comment.

  6. I’ll give you a pass on this one Odg. No need to break up a happy home. 🙂

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