WWIR: 10/15/08

I have to say that I am highly impressed with myself that I am remembering to do the Wednesday Weekend in Review segment of this blog. I even find myself mentally keeping notes on something I want to talk to y’all about.

  • Going to the Chapel: This past weekend my friends Denise and Mike got married. As one of the wedding coordinators at the church I attend, helping Denise and Mike plan the shindig fell to me, and I was more than thrilled to get to do it. This was such an easy wedding to do. They chose a Jersey Shore theme because that’s where they met. They actually met when they were teenagers and Mike ended up marrying Denise’s best friend. That friend died of cancer a few years ago and Denise was there to help Mike through it all. As a result, a more significant relationship developed and they fell in love, but my favorite part of their relationship is how they always come back to being buddies. The wedding was really fun and beautiful. They have to be one of my favorite couples EVER! Congratulations Denise and Mike!
  • I Won: I’m in a football pick ‘em league for college and professional football, and I actually won this past week in the professional one. I usually come in towards the middle or back of the pack because I have a bleeding heart when it comes to picking the teams. You see sometimes I’ll look at a team and see that they haven’t won a game and think gosh they could use some moral support…just one person to believe they can do it. So, I’ll pick them. It has no basis in stats or point spreads or who’s injured. I just like to give people a shot. It’s what led me to pick East Carolina in week 1 of the college football season and I was the only one in my league to do so. Plus, I have a very difficult time picking against the teams that I follow. Well this week I picked 10 of the 14 games correctly. The next closest opponents picked 8 correctly. I was also the only person in my league to pick Arizona over Dallas. Now before the Cowboys fans jump all over me, this pick had nothing to do with my feelings towards either team. I actually picked Arizona because Dallas’s Terence Newman and Roy Williams were injured. That was the complete basis for my decision. Anyway, I’m just excited I won the week because it probably won’t happen again the rest of the season.
  • Watch for Stampeding Horses: Well it turns out the Colts have some life left in them after all. I was incredibly proud of their performance this past Sunday against the Ravens. I enjoyed watching the special teams, offense, and defense all come to play. The way the defense played reminded me of the playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs during the Super Bowl season. They were relentless and didn’t give up a 1st down to the Ravens until the 2nd quarter. I hope we can keep this up because the toughest part of the schedule started on Sunday with that Ravens game. There were a few injuries in that game, but if we’ve shown anything, we’ve shown that injuries don’t keep us from winning just from winning big. I’m sad that Mike Hart is on IR now with a torn ACL because I love that he will not give up on a play until he has gotten somewhere. The Colts can frustrate me to no end, but when they play Colts Ball, it’s a beauty to watch. My favorite play of the entire day was one that involved Robert Mathis. He was being held…blatantly held by the Ravens O-lineman. Robert’s right arm was practically all the way behind his back, and the holding penalty was never called. That didn’t stop Robert. Instead, he drug the O-lineman all the way over to Joe Flacco fast enough so that he could swat the ball out of Flacco’s hand and cause a fumble. The Ravens recovered the fumble (probably wouldn’t have if Robert wasn’t being held), but I still loved the never quit attitude I saw in Robert on that play. He was getting to that ball no matter what.
  • Suck It Up: A big deal was made earlier in the week about Peyton Manning admitting that he did in fact have a second surgery during training camp in the summer. There’s also been a lot of whining from Colts fans about how the Colts lied to all of us and blah blah blah. Three words people: SUCK IT UP!
    • I’m going to preface this next part by saying that I do in fact know that I would not have become a Colts fan 10 years ago this past April if it weren’t for Peyton Manning, but I also want to make it perfectly clear that during the last 10 and almost a half a season, I have turned into a diehard fan of all things Colts…disgustingly so to some of you. That said it bothers me a great deal that people feel so strongly about not being told about Peyton’s second surgery. Let me point out that the first surgery, which we knew about when it happened, was what kept Peyton out of training camp and all of the preseason. When he had the surgery, the team only promised a CHANCE that he would be back for the final preseason game and couldn’t even promise that he’d be ready for week 1 of the regular season. That was just the goal. So, don’t pin him missing training camp and the preseason on the second surgery. The first surgery took care of all that. Also, let’s address that this appears to have angered some Colts fans in the sense that it would have changed their intentions for this season on whether they followed the Colts or went to games. If you’re going to a game for 1 player and 1 player only, please just go away and I’ll be happy to take any season tickets you have off your hands. Including Peyton, there are nine pro bowl players on the active roster along with one of the most seasoned coaching staffs and front offices in the NFL. It’s not about one player. Now, of course I know that this team has a better chance of winning with an injured Peyton Manning than with a 100% healthy anybody else pretty much, but still…he’s one guy. This is a franchise whose sole purpose is to dress the best 45 players they have every Sunday (or Monday or Thursday) to do one job and one job only…win football games.
    • I think I’m a little spoiled here because of the way I was raised. You see my family has had season tickets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers games since the gates opened in 1976. Since that time, my father has missed, pay attention now, 2 PRESEASON games. He has NEVER missed a regular season game. There are few teams in the NFL that are harder to be loyal to than the Buccaneers, but my father did it and continues to do it every single year. Do they frustrate him? Sure, but that doesn’t ever change his loyalty to them. So, though I came to the Colts through a strange set of circumstances, the loyalty I have towards them is a direct result of the example I saw in my own house growing up.
    • To all those Fantasy Football team owners, none of the coaches or the 53 men on the active roster owe you a darn thing. They do not work for you, so they do not answer to you. The injury report rules set forth by the NFL were followed. Tony and Peyton did not lie. Sure they danced around the subject at the time, but they never point blank said “no, Peyton did not have a second surgery.” Call that what you will, but I can pretty much guarantee that just about any NFL coach is going to do the same thing when it comes to their players. Peyton himself says he doesn’t like injury reports because he feels like the media uses them as an excuse for why a player doesn’t perform well or as an honorable thing when they play hurt. So, perhaps Peyton and Tony chose not to announce that he had a second surgery to clean up the infection because Peyton wanted anything that went wrong to be placed on his shoulders not on his knee. At this point, I don’t see how it matters whether he had the second surgery or not. Quite frankly, I’m glad he did. Had he not, we might be looking at an injured reserve list with #18 on it.
  • Open Letter to the Clemson AD: The athletic director for Clemson University definitely missed the mark on this whole Tommy Bowden thing. I haven’t been much of a Tommy fan since he used us to get a better deal at Clemson when we wanted to hire him away to coach at Alabama, but I think the AD did an incredible disservice to his athletic program. Turns out Tommy and the AD had a meeting. The AD had no intention of firing Tommy or asking for his resignation. In fact, Tommy offered his resignation because he felt like it was just time to step aside. This information was not available until the late afternoon press conference, but it was already too late. The Clemson players, most notably the benched QB Cullen Harper, had already drug Tommy’s name through the media…I mean mud. It was really sad to see because Tommy gave a lot to that Clemson program. Things may have been going downhill in these recent years, but he was dedicated to that program. All I’m saying is that Tommy Bowden deserved to have the Clemson AD call a team meeting and explain that Tommy had actually resigned and had not been fired. Tommy Bowden deserved better than the lynching he received on his way out the door. And that fault falls squarely with the mismanagement of the situation by the AD.
  • The Boys of Summer: I don’t talk a lot about baseball on this blog because I don’t really follow the sport. I get bored with it too easily. There’s no clock and the season lasts forever, but I can certainly see why people love it. I just don’t. That said, I haven’t mentioned a lot about the Tampa Bay Rays this season even though my family and Mike and Mike in the Morning have practically forced me to follow their season. I gotta say it’s a great sports story. They’re calling it the best worst to first story in sports history. I’ve been watching some of the games during the post season, and I’m really hoping that they do get to the World Series. I also hope that if they do get to the World Series, they haven’t given everything they’ve got in these last couple games against the Red Sox. So, here’s my thing: this morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning, the two Mikes were talking about how a Phillies/Rays World Series would draw horrible ratings and that a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series would be the preferable match up. Ok…here’s where I get mad and try to keep myself from throwing things at the TV. Ratings be damned. Just because viewership wouldn’t be what the network would prefer does not mean that the Phillies or the Rays do not deserve every bit the chance to go to the World Series. These four teams have made it this far. A couple of them perhaps more improbable than the others, but they still deserve to go if they win the 7 games necessary to get to the World Series. They’ve won 6. They just need one more. I’m not a baseball fan, but I’ll tell you this much, if the Rays get to the World Series, I’ll watch, and I’m outside the demographic they spoke about on Mike and Mike this morning as those two believe that only fans of the two teams will watch if it’s Phillies/Rays.

Well that’s where I leave you this week. Don’t forget to vote for the Pro Bowl. You can find the link in my previous post or below the search box at the top of the sidebar.


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  1. The wedding sounds very neat! What a great story. And congrats on the football pool win. I’m on and off the road the next couple of weeks – see you in November!

  2. Eh, you’re touching on why I don’t keep up with baseball the way I used to. One part is that I don’t have anyone to sit around and make conversation with while watching, but the other part is that the networks are completely obsessed with about 2 teams (and occasionally a third). You’ve got a point, too, because I had no intentions of watching Boston play anyone, but I’ll watch Tampa-Philly.

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