Taking The Reigns

I leave y’all alone for a few weeks while I’m visiting my nephew and battling a sinus infection, and this is what I come back to?  Really?  Do I have to do everything around here?

Seriously it seems like the only people who were capable of surviving without my input was actually the last group of people I expected: ALABAMA FOOTBALL.  Interestingly enough they’re now 4-0 and ranked 8th and 10th nationally.  The wins against Clemson and Arkansas really made me smile.  Western Kentucky was certainly a great win, but Tulane left a bit to be desired even though they did still win.  Even still, Alabama seems to be surprising me left and right.  This weekend is Georgia, which is our first BIG test this season.  Georgia called for the blackout game, which means they’ll be wearing their black jerseys.  Not sure how that helps them play better, but we’ll see.

So let’s catch up on what has transpired while I was away from the blogosphere and see if we can’t get this camp back in order.

  • Former UTEP basketball coach Don Haskins passed away on September 7th.  He coached the then Texas Western College basketball team to a National Championship in 1966.  The story of that team was dramatized in the movie Glory Road with Josh Lucas playing the coach.  It’s a fabulous movie if you’ve never seen it.  Coach Haskins changed the face of Division I Basketball by selecting African-Americans to play for him.  It was an uphill battle, but he got it done and continued to coach at UTEP until 1999.  He’s quite possibly the only person I’ve ever heard of who wasn’t afraid to stand up to Adolf Rupp, a courageous act I wish more people had been capable of.  Rest in peach, Coach Haskins.
  • The RCA Dome is scheduled to have its roof deflated on Wednesday, September 24th so that construction/expansion of the Indiana Convention Center can begin.  I think I may start a petition to keep them from doing that in the hopes that the city of Indianapolis will let the Colts move back in since Lucas Oil Stadium is CLEARLY not working for us…more on the Colts later.
  • So Michael Phelps hosted Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere.  And I wish I had fantastic things to say after that sentence.  Hilariously, wonderful things to say, but alas I do not.  Is it just me or can we no longer count on the general skits of SNL to be funny?  The best part of the show was the Palin/Clinton bit at the beginning.  It was spot on!  And then Michael came out.  The thing that bothered me the most was that Michael had mentioned to the press earlier in the week that at the table read-through the writers had nailed every topic.  So, I ask the general viewing public who may have seen the episode: what topics pertaining to Michael Phelps other than his diet and his mother were nailed that night?  I’ll give you a little bit of time…humming Jeopardy theme music…oh, can’t think of any.  That’s ok.  I can’t either.  I also noted that the locker room skit that was done when Peyton hosted was re-created for Michael.  Now, I don’t watch SNL on a regular basis so I’m not familiar with whether this skit is recurring more often than those two instances, but it seemed kind of stupid to me to repeat that skit.  All in all, I thought Michael didn’t do too badly considering the material he was given to work with, but definitely, Michael, keep your day job.
  • I have a Blackberry for work.  For those of you who don’t have one, steer clear.  They’re addictive, and they ruin your social life as well as your grammar skills.  You see the wonderful people at Blackberry have made it incredibly easy to be a horrible speller and horrible at grammar because they automatically fix things for you with auto-text.  The biggest thing they fix is contractions, i.e., if I type in arent, my Blackberry auto-changes it to aren’t.  This has become a big problem as I have noticed myself typing things that way on my regular computer, which does not auto-change them.  This in turn frustrates me and bad, bad things ensue.
  • ABC has deemed this week “National Stay At Home Week” because most of their fall programming begins this week.  I’m thrilled that the network has ordered me to stay home so I have an excuse now since every week seems to be stay at home week at my house.  But, hey…when you’ve got 56″ of glorious HDTV staring back at you, why would you go out?  Happy Fall Programming EVERYONE!
  • Before I get back to the Colts who are pretty much the only ones who REALLY couldn’t handle things without me, let me address the situation that occurred last weekend in the Denver/San Diego game.  It seems head official Ed Hochuli is the first referee to ever make a bad call or at least that’s what one would think if you read the sports section at all last week.  God bless him, he deserved better from the Football Fans of the World.  Did he inadvertently blow the whistle causing the play to end?  Yes.  Was it a mistake? Absolutely.  Was it a fumble?  Yes.  Should it have been San Diego’s ball?  Certainly, had the play been allowed to go on and San Diego recovered.  Did Ed deserve to be raked over the coals the way he was?  Absolutely NOT.  And here’s why.  HE IS FREAKING HUMAN!  Until this game is somehow not judged by humans, there will be mistakes.  Furthermore, Denver was not ahead at the time the call was made.  They still had to score a touchdown and a PAT (to tie) or a two-point conversion (to win).  That’s incredibly hard to do for any team really.  But here’s my biggest thing: San Diego doesn’t really get to complain about this.  Had they done their job during the rest of the game the outcome never would have come down to that one call.  So, if San Diego wants to point fingers at someone not doing their job correctly, perhaps someone should buy that team a mirror.  In the end, Ed Hochuli followed through with what he could do because of the inadvertent whistle.  Is it a stupid rule?  Sure, but until that rule is changed, the rule must be followed to best of our ability as humans.  Ed ended up apologizing profusely during the game and afterwards when really one “I’m sorry, I made a mistake” would have been enough.  Instead, the NFL chose to announce to everyone that he would be marked down for his error in the game.  Every official is marked down for every little mistake they make in a game.  This is not news.  The NFL threw Ed under the bus by fueling the media fire with that one.  Death threats and hate mail were sent, which by the way, if you sent one…get a life.  Ed actually came out and said he was devastated by what had happened.  Yes, people…Ed Hochuli deserved better from us because though he didn’t necessarily give us his best that Sunday afternoon, he has given us his best countless times before.
  • Now to the Colts.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I think the new stadium is cursed or maybe it’s the whole team.  The lack of a run defense is back and that has nothing to do with Bob Sanders being injured cause it sucked the first two games of the season when he was playing.  I’m really tired of having to listen to the team say we need to get better.  No, I really want you to say, “we couldn’t stop a turtle if we tried.”  I want them to say, “we really suck right now and we don’t know what the heck we’re doing” because really, that’s what it looks like right now.  I don’t want the sugar coating.  I want the brutal, honest truth…from them, not you guys.  I want them to own up to what we all can see when we watch the games.  We have no business being 1-2.  We should be 0-3 along with the Rams.  I’m quite frankly tired of the come from behind victories.  I don’t care if we go back and forth and the game is tied the whole time, but this let’s be down 15-0 going into the late third quarter or down 20-14 late in the 4th is not working for me.  I used to think it was awesome that you couldn’t count the Colts out if there was a minute or more left on the clock.  Now, it’s just plain annoying.  I got really peeved last night when Dan Patrick while doing his recap of the game said that David Garrard out-Manning’d Manning.  I took great offense to this.  Of course I know he is not playing the way we all know he can play.  I’ll be the first one to pick out every single one of his flaws, but I have NEVER understood why football games are described as this QB against that QB.  The QBs do not play each other.  Manning got outplayed by the Jags defense and David Garrard (technically the Jags running game) outplayed the Colts defense.  So, if we’re going to anoint Peyton as the king of all come from behind victories late in the 4th quarter, then just in yesterday’s games, Peyton was out-Manning’d by his own brother, Brian Griese, and Trent Edwards.  And I honestly think that we can all agree that David Garrard, Eli Manning, Brian Griese, and Trent Edwards have a long way to go before their careers can be considered in the same breath as Peyton Manning…maybe not Eli so much as the other guys…but still.  I just abhor the QB against the QB argument, so someone’s gotta come up with something better.  Thankfully…MERCIFULLY…this is our BYE week, so we can’t lose.  I still love every single one of my boys including Freddie “pass interference on 4th and 1 with 29 seconds left” Keiaho, but I certainly don’t have to like them all that much right now.  Pull it together guys.

Alright.  That’s all I got for right now, but now that I’m back perhaps we can restore some order around here.


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  1. She’s baaaack! 🙂
    Glad you’re feeling better! We NEED someone to restore the order around here!

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