Monday Musings

I haven’t done a catch up list or newsworthy highlights in a while, so I thought I’d go that route today.

  • I saw/watched some movies this weekend. 
    • I’ve been Netflixing all of Alex O’Laughlin’s (Mick St. John on the now cancelled CBS show Moonlight) other roles.  That man has done some WEIRD movies, but he’s not half bad in them.  So, far I probably would only recommend August Rush where he plays the brother of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s character.
    • I watched the second installment of the National Treasure movies.  It appears they’ve set it up for a third.  The second one was pretty good although I didn’t much care for Ed Harris playing a bad guy.
    • My friend Jessica and I went to see Iron Manon Saturday.  I’m a sucker for a Robert Downey, Jr. movie where he plays a sarcastic, smart a$$.  Oh wait, that’s all his roles except Chaplin.  In any case, this movie was really good.  I know ZERO about comic book super heroes.  My knowledge of super heroes was learned through movies and not the comic books they were based on.  I didn’t really like that everyone knows he’s the Iron Man.  I like it more when there’s maybe one of two people who know who the super hero is like Bruce Wayne/Batman has Alfred and Lucius.  Can anyone who has read the comic book on Iron Man bring me up to speed on that aspect of the character?
    • I watched The Holidayon Sunday night.  It was on one of the 800 Encore channels I get.  I was a little reluctant because I’m not a Jude Law, Kate Winslet, or Cameron Diaz fan.  So, basically I was watching for Jack Black, which in my opinion is plenty reason to watch anything.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The story was on the surface a bit predictable, but it was a cute little romantic comedy that had an underlying theme of finding and standing up for yourself.
  • Summer has come early here.  I grew up in Florida where it pretty much stays hot all year long except for those 2 weeks in December when it’s 40 degrees in the morning, but I gotta tell you, this weekend in Virginia was ridiculous.  It was so hot outside on Sunday afternoon when I was running errands that I got nauseous.  And the kicker is that it was cooler in Florida this weekend.  One of my co-workers sent me this little tidbit today:
    • It’s 6pm in Baghdad, and the heat index puts the temperature at 94 degrees.  It’s 10:45am in DC and the heat index puts the temperature at 99 degrees.  Now granted most of us are not outside holding automatic weapons and trying to stay alive, but still, DC is not the desert.
  • The College World Series teams are almost set.  North Carolina is through for the 3rd straight year.  They made it to the finals the last two years, so I’m hoping this is the 3rd time’s the charm deal.  This is the only time of year when I actually pay pretty good attention to baseball.  I LOVE college baseball.  I don’t really understand how I can watch college baseball and then be bored to tears watching the major league, so don’t ask me to explain.
  • Is it just me or are the number of DUI arrests of “celebrities” going up?  Now these may have been off your radar, but in the last week, Ty Lawson (UNC Basketball player), Cedric Benson (Chicago Bears football player), and Kenny “the Snake” Stabler (Former Alabama football player) were all arrested and charged with some form of driving under the influence.  Now my thought is that if you’re going to drink, please be responsible enough to NOT get behind the wheel.  Call a cab, hire a car, take a designated driver with you, but for crying outloud DO NOT GET BEHIND THE WHEEL.   
    • In Ty’s case, he’s underage and apparently his breathalyzer didn’t register over the legal limit, but he was arrested for other stupid things relating to the traffic stop he found himself in.  Just a thought, but maybe you oughta go ahead and hire that agent, dear. 
    • Cedric is on his second DUI arrest in the same month.  I’m thinking his days as a Bear are numbered.
    • Kenny…well I don’t know what to think there.
  • Tomorrow I will be two months out from my 30th birthday.  Yesterday, I told someone I was 30.  I died a little inside when I said it.  The bonus is that I talked to my best friend last week and she told me that she’s getting married.  The wedding is August 8th (two days before my birthday), so YEA…I’ll have something to preoccupy my thoughts!  Congratulations Angela and Rob!

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  1. Hey Leann! Good to see you on Sunday! xx

  2. Regarding Iron Man’s identity:

    I remember when I read the comic as a kid that Stark’s cover story was that Iron Man was his bodyguard. I don’t know when he made his identity public.

    Regarding turning 30:

    I went through something similar, but my 30s have turned out to be better than my 20s by a country mile; trust me, the best is yet to come for you.

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