Daydream Believing

Counting today those guys have 5 days to decide if they are going to declare for the NBA draft (whether they’re hiring an agent or not). It’s been 17 full days since we lost to that team that shall remain nameless in the Final Four. To say those 17 days have been excruciatingly painful is an understatement. I just want to know. Last Thursday night the end of season awards banquet was held where this video was shown and all of them were mum about their decisions. At that point, I had resigned myself to believing that they were all leaving.

Well, let me back up. Three of them were mum, one of them we had no idea we should have been concerned with. Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, and Wayne Ellington have been bombarded by the media (Tyler and Ty moreso than Wayne) about their decision, but this week we learned that Danny Green, our very capable sixth man, is mulling a decision to stay or go as well. So then, we get to ring our hands and go back and forth in our heads about not just 3, but 4.

Through this whole thing, I’ve had daydreams about their meetings with Coach. I keep picturing all of them walking into his office together and saying, “we’ll all come back on one condition: you get [that team that shall remain nameless] on the regular season schedule for next season.” Coach says he’d never schedule THAT TEAM during the regular season. They’d have to meet in the tournament as they did in the Final Four. That’s one day dream. Other daydreams are simpler, and they just consist of them coming in one by one and saying they want another shot at the title, they think they have unfinished business, they love Carolina too much to go just, yet.

And then I snap myself back to reality and run through THE LIST: James Worthy, Michael Jordan, Jerry Stackhouse, Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Joseph Forte, Marvin Williams, Rashad McCants, Sean May, Raymond Felton, Brandan Wright…..

I know there are tons more who left early besides those listed above, but I don’t have time to run through the whole list in my head every time I snap out of my daydreaming. Part of me just wants to know one way or the other. Just tell us already. And then part of me only wants to know if the decision is that they’re coming back. Worst case scenario in my opinion (completely taking out the what ifs about next season if they stay or go) is that any number of them declare for the NBA draft and don’t hire an agent. This gives them almost two more months before they would have to withdraw their declaration. And that would be pure agony.

As a fan, I want them to return because I want them (at least Tyler and Danny who are juniors) to get that one last shot at a title run…to exhaust every bit of their eligibility so they don’t have to wonder if they would have won it all by returning. But, usually feelings and emotions don’t get in the way when it comes to these decisions. I want what’s best for them and if they each can sit down and say they have, in their opinion, done all they can at the college level, then ok. I don’t have to agree with them, but I will certainly support them.

In the meantime, these five days are hurting my heart.

In other news:

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts organization for being named the #1 franchise for fans in all of sports in the 6th Annual Ranking of Sports Franchises by ESPN the Magazine. The reasons they were named #1 are many of the reasons why I fell in love with the entire organization. They just know how to do it right.

I’m sad today because the Seahawks decided last night to release Shaun Alexander. I know Shaun felt from the moment that he moved to Seattle that it was home, but I personally never felt like that city embraced him. I also know that he is NOT sad today because he’s one of the most upbeat, positive people I’ve ever met. He’s probably looking at it as a new opportunity, a new place to grow, and a new place to spread God’s love. But, still, I’m sad that they gave up on him because I don’t think he EVER gave up on them.


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