Don’t Forget to Turn Out the Lights

I’m a little bummed this morning because another NFL season is in the books and we have a good 20-some weeks before Training Camp starts. Sure we’ll be appeased with Spygate goes to Congress, the Free Agency Market, the Combine, the Draft, etc., but until training camp 2008 starts, I always feel like something’s missing. Even with NASCAR and March Madness knocking on the door, a part of me is just missing until the new season starts. The Colts are getting to play in the Hall of Fame game against the Washington Redskins. I’ve never really been a big fan of the Hall of Fame game, but hey, it’s a game…one more chance for me to get to see my boys play.

In summation of the season:

1. I noticed this morning how bitterly cold it was and it was a mere 20 degrees outside. Then I thought about the Giants/Packers NFC Championship game that was played in 45 degrees colder weather than what it was this morning. That ain’t right. The fact that the Giants were capable of thawing out in time for the Super Bowl is quite impressive.

2. The Pro Bowl yesterday was pretty interesting. They usually are. It’s not always a blow out though yesterday’s score will say that it was a blow out. It was more a tale of two halves. The AFC did really well in the 1st half and the NFC did really well in the 2nd half. Personally, I think if the NFC wins the Super Bowl, they should win the Pro Bowl. I know that doesn’t have any basis in logic, but when have I ever been logical in my thinking…REALLY! The days leading up to the Pro Bowl are my favorites though. I love NFL Total Access from the Pro Bowl and watching the practices because you get to see all these guys really be themselves, act up, and kid each other. Some of my favorite stories about all these guys come from the Pro Bowl, and this year was no exception. The following is a video of Peyton calling out Rich Eisen and his karaoke performance during the week. Now, Peyton is no Grammy winner by any stretch of the imagination, but he can tell a story like nobody’s business.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3. Watching Osi Umenyiora introduced at the Pro Bowl as the lone representative of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants was bittersweet. More of his teammates should have been there, but the cheers and applause he got were fantastic.

4. Likewise, the three representatives from the Washington Redskins (on the same day that they announced the hiring of their new head coach Jim Zorn) all wearing #21 in honor of Sean Taylor spoke volumes in the quietest way possible. The NFC Pro Bowl players voting those three as captains and tight end Chris Cooley catching a touchdown pass during the game was icing on the cake.

Enjoy the off season folks because in just a matter of months we have to hunker down for the 2008 season, and considering how incredibly surprising this season turned out, we may need to install seat belts on our couches.


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