Lose the Shoes

I try not to cry on my way to work, primarily, because I’m behind the wheel of a car and that just wouldn’t be safe.  But, I listen to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio mostly because they make me laugh, but they’re good sports reporters, too.  In any case, last week they reported about IUPUI’s head men’s basketball coach Ron Hunter planning to coach a game in his bare feet to raise awareness for the 300 million children in this world who do not have ANY shoes to wear.  In addition, with the help of Samaritan’s Feet, a Christian-based group in Charlotte, N.C., Coach Hunter wanted to collect 40,000 pairs of shoes in honor of the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death as well as deliver them to Nigeria himself.  He planned to collect these shoes in February to honor Black History Month, but instead he completed his goal this morning.  Since the announcement of his intention to collect these shoes and coach barefoot was made national news, he had collected a little more than 30,000 pairs.  You can read about Coach Hunter’s plans in either of these articles:

Indy Star Article

Then, this morning,  Mike and Mike had Coach Hunter on the show because the game he’s coaching barefoot is tonight against Oakland.  While he was on the show, Mike and Mike introduced Molly from Converse Shoes.  Molly explained to Coach Hunter that Converse wanted to make certain that he had met his goal before his bare feet ever hit the hardwood tonight and announced that Converse was donating 15,000 pairs of shoes to the cause to put Coach Hunter well over his intended goal.  Coach Hunter was extremely moved by the gesture saying that it feels like they’ve already won tonight’s game, and I nearly lost it…in the car…behind the wheel.

I LOVE shoes, but I hate to wear them, so the idea of doing my job in bare feet (which sometimes I do) is appealing.  However, the thought of even 1 child in this world, much less 300 million, being without shoes…well there just are no words for how that makes me feel.  So, I checked out the website, and you can donate a pair of shoes to a child who has NONE for as little as $19.99 (or donate two pairs of shoes for $29.99).  Samaritan’s Feet takes care of the rest: the procurement of the shoes, the shipping and handling (which is included in the price), and, in some cases, actually putting the shoes on the child’s feet.  And here’s the great thing.  You don’t just have to pay the price for the shoes.  You can buy new shoes yourself and donate them to the organization.  You can even donate any sum of money to them for the cause as well as supplies such as packaging supplies, trucking services, and new socks.  If the mood strikes you, and this is a charitable contribution you would be interested in making, please visit any of the donation links in this post to do so.


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  1. Now that’s just cool!

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