And So It Goes…

  1. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank Elisha Nelson Manning for preserving the family name on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flack for that from my Cowboy fan friends, but I’m sorry there are few players in the NFL that I absolutely cannot stand. Everyone knows who’s at the top of that list, but not far from the top are T.O. and Romo. Of course after yesterday’s Colts game that list has started growing…
  2. There will be no White House visits, no Senate receptions, no breakfast of champions for my co-workers. There will just be waiting with bated breath for Tony’s decision about his future and the 2008 season to start, which will be played in the brand new Lucas Oil Stadium. (Webcam) But I’ve come down to this…if we’d won it all (which in the end, I really didn’t think we could without killing ourselves physically on the field), we would have undoubtedly been compared to the Patriots (again) as the most recent Super Bowl repeaters. And quite frankly, I’m not interested in being mentioned any longer in comparison to, or on par with, cheaters. It’s not exactly the company I like to keep.
  3. The Defense: It was a tale of two seasons. In the 2006 regular season and 2007 post season, our defense was awful…32nd in the league in rushing defense. In the 2006 post season and 2007 regular season, our defense was the top scoring defense in the league and 3rd overall. Someday, somehow I’d love for us to put together a complete season where we don’t look like two completely different teams in the regular season and post season. When your opponent has their quarterback and runningback go down and their reception leader is hobbled by a dislocated toe but still playing, YOU SHOULD NOT LOSE THE FREAKING GAME!!! Furthermore, when the backup QB (someone I’d never in my life heard of until last night: Billy Volek) scores on you himself, YOU SHOULD HIT THE SHOWERS RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!!! And finally, when you have the defensive player of the year on your team and your entire squad is as healthy as it’s been since the last time you played this opponent, well I think you get the point. But please don’t let it be said that the fault lies squarely with the defense. Oh no…
  4. The Offense: Didn’t we learn many moons ago not to abandon the run early on. The Chargers managed to actually get you to play into their hands. You didn’t play Colts Football, you played what they wanted you to play. Instead of taking what they gave you, they took what you gave them. 3 times…let me repeat that especially for you Peyton (because, sweetheart, I love you to pieces but this was awful)…THREE FREAKING TIMES…we were in the red zone and instead of scoring, we got two interceptions and one fumble. Do you at all realize that if at the very least those were field goals instead of turnovers, we would have won the game by 5 points instead of losing by 4? The refs even tried to hand the game to you with some of those crappy calls on Sunday, so perhaps we were meant to lose the game because I don’t like losing the game because the refs handed it to us. I think the biggest disservice the Colts did to Marvin Harrison (besides not getting him the proper care early on for his knee) was not MAKING him play in the Titans game at the end of the season. Even if he only played the first series, at the very least it would have given him a chance to be back in a game time scenario without his play meaning much. Instead he had to go into the divisional playoff game COLD after 11 games. The man has fumbled 11 times in his career that started 12 seasons ago, and his latest one had to come in the playoffs…REALLY?? Let’s think about this a little more next time…actually let’s just hope this scenario doesn’t happen, again.
  5. The Special Teams: I find it pretty sad that of all the Colts units that played their best on Sunday afternoon, it was the special teams unit that has been awful practically all season. It’s quite possible that Sunday’s game single-handedly kept Russ Purnell’s job for him. I was certain Russ was gone after this year because I don’t know how you take the NFL’s most clutch kicker and make him average and still keep your job, but considering the way the special teams has played the last several weeks, I think Russ is safe.
  6. New names added to my list of players I cannot stand: Darren Sproles, Antonio Cromartie, and Philip Rivers.
  7. Ahhh, yes…Philip Rivers. I really just have two things to say to him. (A) BUY A FREAKING SUIT. You are a professional football player with a paycheck to go along with that. Even if you only have one suit and only wear it on Sundays, I don’t care, but just buy one already. I’m kind of tired to seeing the country bumpkin from Decatur, Alabama in his polo shirts and plaid button downs speaking to the press after games. You’re about 3 steps away from cuttin’ off the sleeves of sweatshirts. (B) GROW UP!! Again, you are a professional football player. Having shouting matches with the fans in an opponent’s stadium, NOT PROFESSIONAL. Rule #1 of football, let your actions on the playing field speak louder than anything else. I don’t care if the fans were being just as immature and taunting you. In one ear and out the other, buddy. I’m sorry our fans treated you that way, but you gotta ignore that kind of crap.
  8. Football Analysts: I think they’re partly to blame for the outcome of the Chargers/Colts game. All last week, no one (except maybe the San Diego local paper) gave the Chargers a chance. They all said that the Chargers had their hands full, that the Colts were the better team, blah, blah, blah. That doesn’t exactly sit well with someone who has to suit up for that game in a Chargers uniform. It’s bulletin board material almost as good as “getcha popcorn ready.” Now here’s my question, why is it that the Football Analysts who are asked to predict the winner and sometimes the score before the game are the same analysts who pick the game apart and criticize the players after the game but never have to answer for themselves being HORRIBLY WRONG to begin with? Somehow that doesn’t add up. By the way, there are no upsets in the playoffs. If you make it to the playoffs, you are good enough not to have to be considered as having upset another team. No one gets stunned. No one gets knocked off.
  9. The Press: What idiot in the conference room actually thought that asking Peyton Manning where this playoff loss ranked among all his other playoff losses was going to garner any kind of printable response. Seriously??? You’re lucky that he was conscious enough in mind to be gracious in defeat and answer by simply saying that he doesn’t keep a ranked list of the losses. What he should have said is that that’s the media’s job, not his and given that person an earful for asking such a lame question. It ranks right up there with asking him point blank about his offensive line in the 2005 season playoffs, which garnered the ever popular “protection problems” response. You ask a direct question, he’s gonna give you a direct answer. And let’s not forget about the lady who asked Roy Williams about 15 minutes after Kansas had lost to Syracuse in the NCAA championship game about the North Carolina job. The answer she got was well-deserved complete with a four letter word!
  10. Adam Vinatieri: He has moved further up my list of favorite people in the world with this quote: “I have more respect for [Tony Dungy] than any other coach. Selfishly, I’d like to have him back. If he goes, I’ll give him a hug and wish him well.” These are some kind, kind words from Adam who has only been coached by Tony for 2 seasons. But furthermore, what does that say about Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll, and Bill Belichick. Yes, I’m smiling right now.
  11. This may very well be the lamest promotion that any Manning has put their name on.  A double-stuf racing league promotion with Oreo. The commercial is pretty funny, and I’m pleased to see Olivia getting into the action more, but still…REALLY??? Is this what you were doing instead of preparing for the Chargers game?
  12. Now we just have the Pro Bowl to look forward to. WHOOPIE!! This may be the first year that I’m not excited about the Pro Bowl. Even since I was a kid, I loved the Pro Bowl. I think because I got to vote for it. I may be the only person in the world, but there’s just something about all those guys from different teams getting together on the same field. Plus I love the Skills Challenge. I will say this though for the 2007 season in all it’s glory, it’s a lot easier to get over not winning it all after you’ve got one under your belt, at least from this fan’s point of view. Of course, that didn’t stop me from forgetting to eat dinner yesterday and tossing and turning last night. HAPPY MONDAY, Y’ALL!

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  1. The football Gods determined that the colts would lose when the fans started booing the 13 year old girl who was wearing a patriots jersey for the punt, pass, and kick competition.

    Better hope the Gods are merciful on that one..could be a long rest of the career for manning.

  2. Nah, I’m pretty sure that the Colts took it upon themselves to make certain that the football gods wouldn’t be to blame.

    That’s about as bad a performance as I’ve seen since…well…the last time we played San Diego.

    If the football gods are to blame, then it’s my fault because all I said was that I wanted a second shot at San Diego. I should have been more specific and said I wanted to beat San Diego in the playoffs.

  3. Oh, I see… MY team didn’t win so I’ll rejoice in the COWBOYS losing… sounds almost um, Redskin-esque.

  4. Ok. Let’s go through this one more time since you seem to have forgotten our conversation back after Thanksgiving about how I (and Humberto) do not like the Cowboys.

    I was a Cowboys fan from the day #8 was signed to the day #8 retired. When I was pulling for the Cowboys, my only crisis of conscience was that Jerry Jones was the owner. There’s only one owner in the NFL that’s worse than him and it’s Al Davis. It just about killed my parents and brother that I would choose the Cowboys to cheer for, but there was just something about that chiseled jaw and that bullet of an arm that Troy Aikman had and probably still does. But since Bill Romanowski hit him one too many times, Troy had to retire before his brain turned to mush. Which quite frankly I’m thankful for considering his current gig of calling games with Joe Buck. At least one of them needs a brain in that booth. But I digress.

    Since Troy’s retirement, I could care less if the Cowboys win or not. My opinion about who I wanted to win the Cowboys/Giants game had nothing to do with how “my” game turned out. I literally cannot stand TO and Tony Romo. So, yes, I was pulling for the Giants to win, and not because Eli is their quarterback. Quite frankly, unless the Cowboys had been playing the Patriots (which couldn’t happen until the Super Bowl, I realize), I would have pulled for whoever the opponent was including if that game had been played before “my” game.

    Now, about Eli…It’s pretty well documented that I did not care for Eli from about his second year in college until roughly a year and a half ago. He had to grow on me, but eventually I saw what I needed to see in him. Sure, I still look at him and think of him as the baby brother, but at some point he has to step out of that shadow and prove his worth. He’s been doing everything he can this season to get the NY media monkey off his back, and I’m certainly proud of him for that. I will probably NEVER agree with what he did with the draft, but he’s a good player who has fought to be that teams’ leader. And, I wish him the best.

    As for the Super Bowl, at this point, I’m pulling for the NFC team to win. It would be great for Eli and the Giants. And it would be great for the Packers. Perhaps, Brett Favre would even retire if he won it all.

    And, finally, to Carl…it took me a while to think of this because my brain was clouded with the miserableness of the Colts game, but…If the football gods cared about fairness and sportsmanship, the Patriots wouldn’t be 17-0 right now.

  5. I haven’t forgotten that conversation, but for someone who supposedly doesn’t care one way or the other about the Cowboys, you sure do take a lot of opportunities to voice your displeasure with their players and management.

    As for TO, ok, I can see why some people don’t like him, but as far as I’m concerned he’s been a model citizen since arriving in Dallas. As for Romo, I don’t see what your beef is with him. He’s a guy who worked his way up from the bottom and became a star. I’ll cheer for a guy like that any day.

    There’s also the thing that you don’t have to voice it every time it comes up. Lets face, most of us that call ourselves your friends give you some leeway regarding your various teams. Why not return the favor?

  6. Alright, Andy, let’s stop right there. This reply may be a little harsh, but I’m pretty much done with having to explain this: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You are entitled to your opinion about every team in the NFL just like I am entitled to mine. No matter how absurd either of our opinions may be.

    I never asked for the leeway from my friends regarding the Colts. If you want to bash them, that’s your prerogative. Lord knows I’ve heard it all, so there’s not really much you can say about them that would hurt my feelings. Furthermore, I never asked anyone to be a Colts fan along with me. In fact, when some people last year were pulling for the Colts because they knew it would make me happy for them to win, as much as I love you guys, that’s not what I wanted. I wanted people to pull for the Colts because they wanted the Colts to win. If you thought them winning would shut me up about them, you were sorely mistaken. And, I know there are people out there who were hoping that. And I know there are people out there who want the Colts to lose every time they step on the field because they’re sick of hearing about them from me and they know it’ll piss me off if they lose. So be it. I can’t make those people change their attitudes. But this is who I am. I talk about the Colts…A LOT…because they’re my team and no matter how perfect or flawed they may be on any given play, I love them. I don’t expect everybody to be as obsessed about their particular team as me, but don’t fault me for how I do things.

    So here’s the bottom-line, cold-hard-truth. You can cheer for whoever the heck you want to cheer for, but just because I’m your friend doesn’t mean I have to pull for them, too. And I don’t expect you to cheer for the people I cheer for just because I’m your friend. It also doesn’t mean that either of us have lost our entitlement to our opinions. So, don’t expect me to hold my tongue on my opinion because it might not be what you want to hear. As your friend, I’ve got your back in a lot of other ways than this because in the end, the Cowboys or Colts or whoever else is not what matters most.

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