Time’s Up for Journeyman


Kevin McKidd’s time travels appear to be over. NBC had until Tuesday to award a full-season pickup to Journeyman — as it has done with freshman series Chuck and Life — but… didn’t, says the Reporter, and thus has essentially dismissed the drama. Small consolation to Journeymanfans: The show was able to complete its original 13-episode order before the WGA struck, and the remaining two will air as scheduled, an NBCer assures the trade.

Bummer…cause it was really getting good.


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  1. That totally sucks. It was one of the best new shows this fall.

  2. I know. I agree. Apparently, we an send RiceARoni to NBC to try and get them to keep the show (http://savejourneyman.net/campaign/), but given the current situation with the writer’s strike, I don’t know that it would work.

  3. This was a great show. A great cast (even the guy who played Dan’s boss was good) and tight stories that kept getting better with each episode. I wonder if it was undone because everyone thought that it was a “Quantum Leap” rip-off. When I tried to sell people on it, they would always say “You mean like ‘Quantum Leap,’ right?” And I could never explain just how different it was.

    I hope that they try to bring it all to some kind of resolution. I want to know the hows and whys of what is happening to Dan and Olivia. Also, in the episode where the FBI agent was killed by the kidnapper, did you catch that comment the agent made about how, “The money always trips them up” or something to that affect? It is almost as though he is trying to catch a time traveller or something. Too many mysteries…

  4. I know. I actually put it on my list of shows to watch because it was like Quantum Leap, but stayed with it because of the differences. Regarding the FBI agent, I did catch the comment. I had read somewhere that the FBI agent wasn’t just investigating the stolen money…there was more to his investigation, so I figured he knew more than he was letting on. Incidentally, we may get our wish on the questions being answered. This is an article from Entertainment Weekly:

    Good news for Journeyman fans: Concerned that his struggling NBC drama won’t be returning in 2008 (viewership is averaging an anemic 7.3 million, and on Tuesday, the network let the option for a full-season pickup pass), creator Kevin Falls made sure episodes 11 and 12 (airing Dec. 17 and 19) would address Dan Vasser’s (Kevin McKidd) inexplicable ability to time travel. Those episodes, which fulfill the network’s order, expand on Elliot Langley’s (Tom Everett) experimentation on quantum leaping and introduce Dan to a fellow time tourist, who he finds in an insane asylum. “We felt like we started to see the handwriting on the wall, between the ratings and the writers strike, so we recalibrated how we would break the last few episodes,” explains Falls. “We do answer quite a few questions so fans will get a feeling of closure.”

    Had the show gone for a full season, Falls might have taken all the people that Dan and Livia (Moon Bloodgood) saved this season and turned them into some “Rube Goldberg device for season’s end,” he says. “All these people would come into play, not so much to save the world, but their stories all culminate into a bigger-picture climax.”

    But is he sure he won’t ever get that chance? Although NBC isn’t ordering a full-season of Journeyman, it hasn’t officially canceled the show either. In fact, there’s a remote chance it could get a second season pickup if the strike continues through the spring, when the town is usually developing pilots for the next TV season. “If there is scorched earth and there are no pilots, then that’s a whole different thing,” admits Falls. “There is probably a better than average chance that we would come back. But nobody wants that. I would throw my show on the sword if this strike would end beforehand. Too many people suffer from a long strike.”

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