7 gets 23

23 months equals (approximately, rounded, and not including the leap day):

100 weeks

700 days

16,801 hours

1,008,068.5 minutes

60,484,108 seconds

Not nearly enough if you ask me, but it’s better than nothing.

The following is reprinted from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune editorial page today.

Vick didn’t have it all

QB lacked the instincts and ethics to avoid dogfighting

Number 7’s luck ran out yesterday.

Michael Vick, one of the National Football League’s most electric — and, now, vilified — players was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison for his role in a dogfighting and gambling ring.

Not long after a federal judge sentenced Vick, sports talk-show hosts began describing the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback as the man who once had everything, whose career, finances and freedom are in grave jeopardy.

Vick, one of the NFL’s highest-paid and most marketable stars, sure had a lot to lose — and he stands to lose even more.

He had gained fame and fortune, yes, but let’s stifle all this “Michael Vick had everything” talk. After all:

He didn’t have the humane instincts that would’ve deterred him from even getting involved in dogfighting, much less participating in the torturous treatment of dogs.

He didn’t have the sense of basic ethics that would have steered him clear of such illegal and inhumane behavior.

He didn’t have the character to channel his time and millions of dollars toward admirable pursuits.

He didn’t have the courage to separate himself from old “friends” who had the same flaws but less to lose.

He didn’t have the smarts to know that lying to federal prosecutors and judges is just plain stupid.

Unfortunately for Vick, his family and fans, the man who supposedly had everything lacked not only a lifetime supply of good luck, but so, so much more.


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