Quick Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts

  • I got an email yesterday from someone telling me they would be my new point of contact regarding something work related due to the fact that my previous point of contact was out on leave.  What kind of leave you ask?  Well…according to the email…MATURITY leave.  It’s amazing how one misspelled word can change the meaning of the entire statement.  Anyone know where I can sign people up for this kind of leave?
  • I was pleased with last night’s performance by the Colts.  I am definitely a lot like Tony Dungy in that he’s happy for the win, but can see places for improvement.  I was kind of bummed that David Garrard was knocked out the game with an injury because I would have preferred a more fair fight.  I just don’t feel like we won the game we went there to play.  Another thought, the next time I see Peyton go for the long ball on 3rd and inches I think I may scream loud enough for him to hear me wherever he is playing in this country.  That’s one of my biggest pet peeves about him…the unnecessary long ball.
  • My life as I know it for the next 12 days has ceased to exist.  In 12 days, a possible undefeated Patriots team arrives in Indianapolis to play a possible undefeated Colts team.  The fact that I have not gotten sick, yet astounds me.  Perhaps it’s because I know we still have to play the Panthers before the Patriots and much like Tony Dungy’s philosophy, I try to take it one game at a time.  Of course, that doesn’t keep me from thinking about it ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  Now, the Patriots play the Redskins this weekend so barring some miracle, I fully expect them to be 8-0 when they come to the RCA Dome.  My Colts on the other hand, I completely believe they can beat the Panthers, but I also know that it depends greatly on which Colts team steps out on the field.  I’m trying to think like Steve Young last night: the only thing the Colts/Patriots game will decide is where the post season game will be played should the two teams meet, again.  OH MY HEART!
  • I was super-siked about the way Alabama played on Saturday, but really hacked off that I didn’t get to see it.  And, we won 41-17 with 5 players suspended for reasons that really irk me.  Oddly enough, I’m on the NCAA’s side this time, and if the players knowingly did what they’ve been suspended for, then they deserve it.  In any case, that win over Tennessee and the win over Arkansas (coming back in the 4th quarter) are the exact reasons why we hired Nick Saban (who has a bit of a Nostradamus touch to him…did he leave Miami at the right time or what!?!).  Now, we have two weeks to prepare for LSU, but if you ask me, I don’t think even an entire season is enough time to prepare for them.
  • I hate being sick.  I had/have bronchitis and had to lie on the couch all weekend, which may sound really awesome to a lot of people, but if you’re coughing up a lung while doing it, it’s not as much fun as you might think.  I did a lot of catching up on my Lifetime Movies, Entourage, and other TV shows.
  • So, I’ll say it…for all of you who watched Bon Jovi on Saturday Night Live the other weekend, my heartfelt apologies from one of their biggest fans.  I was sorely disappointed in the skits that they wrote for him to do.  The only one that I laughed at was the naming of the band…oh and the beginning one with Amy Poehler.  Perhaps the bar was set too high by Peyton’s performance.  🙂
  • Finally, my three new favorite shows of the fall season are The Big Bang Theory, Life, and Moonlight.  I may be in the minority on that, but I really don’t care.  They’re my guilty pleasures of the week.

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  1. Don’t fret Leann, the upcoming game may not even decide home field advantage. Despite the whisperings of pundits, the odds are that both the Colts and the Patriots will lose at least another game or two besides the upcoming game that one has to lose. Then there’s the whole thing about having to actually win at least one playoff game before you can make it to the AFC championship….so nothing is settled. Try not to panic too much.

    One more comment…I’m on record as having thought that in the past the Colts may have occasionally gotten a little too much attention, but it doesn’t even compare to how sick I am of the freakin suckup fest going on with the media and the Pats right now.

  2. I know there’s still a lot of football left to play, but what I was meaning by that was that Steve Young was right…that the only thing the Colts/Patriots game will decide (POSSIBLY) is where a post season game would be played. That’s what last year’s regular season game decided. Now, that is not to say that a post season game between the two will actually occur, but if it does this game is pretty much the deciding factor. I prefer to think of the game in these terms rather than the way the media seems to be portraying it as the deciding factor of which team is the better team. That’s crap because until both teams play the exact same schedule, you really can’t definitively determine that. And until you give both QBs the same weapons you really can’t say who the better QB is.

    On the other front, I am a Colts fan that actually prefers to fly under the radar. I get stressed enough each week about the game. I don’t need the added pressure of the media hype. So, believe me…if the Colts were getting half of the coverage the Patriots are getting right now, not only would I be sick as a dog, but I’d also be arguing against it with points on how we’ve squeaked by in several games. We’re certainly playing better than last year, but there have been several Colts teams that played much better than last year’s team and didn’t win the Super Bowl. Go figure!

  3. Wish I had known how you felt about the SNL episode before I burned that DVD for you last night. 🙂

    Do you still want it? 🙂

  4. I have a DVD recorder, and for posterity sake I burned it to a DVD already…but really…it’s only posterity sake. I burn everything that Bon Jovi is on to DVD whether I like it or not. 🙂

  5. Brady & welker are on one fantasy squad. Manning and Wayne on another. Here is to hoping for a shootout..

  6. “Maturity Leave” – That is too funny. Maybe not a bad thing to offer. 🙂 We need to get together soon. I miss you!

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