Take 5: Weekend In Review

  1. Lincoln: I’m awaiting new pictures from my parents. Silly Dad forgot his camera this weekend, so I’m waiting for mom to get hers back from the photo shop. As of Sunday, Lincoln was up to 3lbs. 9oz. His pick line was removed from his arm, and they have put clothes and a little hat on him now. Despite the NICU nurses trying to roast him by turning up the heater on his incubator and spiking his temperature (which came down when they turned the heat down), he had a pretty uneventful weekend. Our prayers right now besides Lincoln’s continued growth are for the nurses in the NICU. There’s really one nurse who Andy and Janet really get along with and is kind and considerate to them and Lincoln. The other nurses are in a category with Hitler. They have not been treating Janet and Andy with great respect to the point where notes had to be placed on Lincoln’s incubator and chart to alert the nurses of what the doctors want Janet and Andy to be able to do with Lincoln. In any case, as soon as I have pictures and/or an update, I’ll pass it along.
  2. Alabama: We lost this weekend to Georgia. It was a battle of two ranked teams, but after our dramatic win over Arkansas the week before, I think we forgot we still had more games to play. We managed to limp the game into overtime, but since we just figured out how to play 4 quarters last week, playing a 5th quarter wasn’t exactly in the cards. They really looked like they’d forgotten everything Coach Saban taught them in a span of 7 days. We managed to stay in the top 25 though, which surprised me, but I guess the Top 25 party isn’t ready to send us packing just yet. Since I’m attending the FSU/Bama game this weekend in Jacksonville, I’m desperately hoping they don’t disappoint me. It will be great to see them play as I haven’t been to a game (home or away or neutral site) since I finished grad school in 2001.
  3. Colts: Apparently it was a bit of a nailbiter 45 seconds into the game as the Texans ran back a squibbed kick-off 84 yards for a touchdown on the opening play. It got a little hairy there, but we were up 14-10 at halftime. NFL Replay on the NFL Network has the game on tonight at 7pm, so I’ll have to get more details then. Peyton was using all his weapons including Joseph Addai who appears to be unconcerned that Dominic Rhodes is no longer on the team, and I can tell from the highlight reel that Peyton’s starting to trust Anthony Gonzalez a little more as a receiver. Anthony made some fantastic catches last week against the Titans and this week as well. I have to see NFL Replay before I can give a pure assessment of the defense, but the stats show they had 2 interceptions and a big sack to end the game. Plus, I’m interested in seeing just how many of the 11 men on special teams missed their blocks on that opening kick-off. I’ve definitely started to take on a more Tony Dungy type approach: We did well, we won the game, but we can still improve. 🙂
  4. Bucs: My parents and brother are very happy. Tampa Bay is 2-1 and undefeated at home. Granted neither Tampa nor St. Louis scored until late in the 1st half and even then it was a field goal, but the second half looked much better for the Tampa Bay faithful. See what Cato June can do for a team just on morale alone. 🙂
  5. Fall TV: The Fall TV season has officially started. I watch K-Ville last week, but I’m not officially convinced it’s going to get a permanent position on my schedule. ‘Til Death returned last week with a less than stellar episode for a season opener. It was a bit TOO MUCH for me, like they were trying too hard to make us laugh. Finally, Cold Case and Shark returned last night. I’ve seen Cold Case: a very disturbing episode to say the least that definitely kept me guessing and suspicious of everyone until the end. Tivo still has Shark for me to watch, but I’ll catch-up on that tonight. Awww…all is right with the world now that Fall TV is back.

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