Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Life in the NICU is apparently extremely boring as Lincoln chose last night to pull out all of his monitors and feeding tube. The tube was in a state of currently feeding him, so he got milk all over him and his bed. It didn’t hurt him except to set off all his little alarms and give the nurses more work. He loves his nurses, but a lot of new babies have been added recently. Perhaps he’s already an attention hog and was feeling a little neglected. Who knows, but he certainly got their attention.

Our growing boy has gained another 70 grams and is currently at 3lbs 2.8 oz. These are the thresholds we’re looking at now:

3 lbs 4 oz — he gets to wear clothes

3 lbs 12 oz — he gets moved to a crib

4lbs — he gets to go home as long as he is able to do all of the things the doctors expect him to do that I mentioned in a previous post.

So, we’re roughly 13 ounces from changing his current address. 🙂


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