Not so Quick Hits (Non-Lincoln)

  • I’ve held my tongue (or typing fingers) as long as I can. Yesterday the sentence came down from Commissioner Goodell on the Patriots “video-gate,” as the media has been calling it. $500k fine for Belichick; $250k fine for the Patriots (Kraft can afford both and then some); loss of a 2008 1st round draft pick (they have 2) if they make the playoffs this year or loss of 2008 2nd and 3rd round draft picks if they do not make the playoffs this year. The reason I held my tongue is because this videotaping of the opponents’ signals is something any team is capable of, and if other teams are found to have done this, then they should be penalized in the same manner (including the Colts). Violating league policy is not something I sit back and say penalize the other 31 teams in the league, but if my team does it, we’re exempt. OH NO…break the rules, I don’t care who you are…cheating is cheating. Did I get a little chuckle out of it being the Patriots? Of course, I did, but it was short lived. It’s like the league is full of 2 year olds trying to see how far they can push their parents to see if their threats of punishment are real. How much more does Roger have to do before these 2 year old men realize that he means business.
    • So, here’s the crux of it…Do I think that videotaping the signals across the field and being able to decipher them in time to send in a signal to the offense of what play to run? Possibly, but I think it would require more research prior to the game than people realize. Do I think that trying to decipher signals in general is something that every team does? Of course, it’s part of the game, but when you take it to the next level and start using technology to do it…that’s more than just part of the game. Do I think that the Patriots wouldn’t have won as many games as they have without trying to videotape signals and whatever else they may be doing (Chris Mortensen on Mike and Mike this morning talked about some really serious tactics that the Patriots may be using)? That I can’t answer. I’ll grant you that they are a talented team, but without knowing what the other team was doing and how much the Patriots’ tactics actually helped them, I can’t answer that. And, I don’t think anyone can. Does it put a veil or bad shadow on the franchise? I think it does a little bit, but it will go away pretty quickly. The one thing I’m interested in the most is what the NFL’s review of the Patriots’ technology program will bring to light. How much more were they doing besides the sideline videotaping? That remains to be seen as does finding any additional teams who are just as guilty.
    • My feelings about penalizing league rule breakers is the same for the players being suspended for using HGH. If someone on any of the 32 teams is taking HGH, then the league should penalize them…even if it’s Peyton Manning. I would be appalled if he was, and it would certainly change how I feel about him, but he’s not exempt any more than any other player in the league is.
  • Michigan is 0-2 this season with their first loss coming against my mother’s alma mater, Appalachian State.  She is so stinking proud of them, and I’m happy for them, too.  Do I think that Michigan’s loss to Oregon makes Appalachian’s victory any less important?  Actually, no because you have to factor in for Michigan what losing to a Division 1-AA team on opening weekend did to their confidence.  That plays a big part in whether players can mentally get up for a game the next week when they’ve basically been taken out of championship contention…on week one.
  • Alabama is off to a 2-0 start, but the real tests start this weekend against Arkansas and Heisman hopeful, Darren McFadden.  I’m not gonna mince words…I’m freaking scared.
  • It’s amazing what a nephew can do for your perspective.  The day Lincoln was born was opening day for the NFL, and the Colts had a much hyped about game against the Saints that night.  The whole day, from 6:45 am on, my mind was of course on Lincoln.  I think I stopped once the whole time (until kickoff) and said, “oh yeah, there’s a game tonight” and then went back to thinking about Lincoln.  This is as it should be.  Normally on game day, my stomach turns over in knots and I “worry” about how they will play, if anyone will get hurt, etc.  Completely different the day Lincoln was born, and for the most part, that’s the way it has stayed since the 6th.
  • The weather has been spectacular the last couple of days.  Little, if any, humidity, and cooler temperatures throughout the day.  I hope this keeps up.
  • The National Hurricane Center issued it’s final advisory for Tropical Storm (and one time hurricane) Humberto.  Kind of funny to me that I named my TV Humberto and then there was a storm by the same name.  The storm did not hold true to the meaning of it’s name though…Big and Bright.  The TV, however, does.  🙂

That’s all I got for right now, but I reserve the right to add more as the day goes by.


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  1. First of all, I”m glad Lincoln seems to be doing all right. Our prayers are with him.

    Second, I don’t see how Belichek or someone on the Patriots’ staff didn’t get a suspension. This is a league that suspended one of the Cowboys’ coaches for 5 games for using a banned substance that didn’t affect his performance in any way, because “coaches are held to a higher standard.” Right.

  2. I don’t begin to understand how Roger determines who gets what punishment or what rules carry what punishment, but I will say that because his notification to the Patriots informed them that the league office would be doing a full review of their technology program effective immediately, it leaves open the possibility of more sanctions from the NFL. I think this was to send a message to the Patriots that he’s watching them and knows there is more involved, but needs to find proof of such (more than just hearsay).

    Many people believe a suspension was warranted, but one thing that really hit home with me was that taking a coach out of the equation doesn’t necessarily do much. By now, the game plan for the Chargers game is already in place, so suspending BB for this game would have been pointless.

    On the other note, I was under the impression that the Cowboys coach provided those substances to players????

  3. If so, that’s not how the Dallas paper has reported it. All I’d heard was that Wade Wilson took the substances himself to deal with a personal health problem. Besides, if it was for distribution, then the bit about coaches being held to a higher standard was superfluous, because a player who takes or distributes a banned substance is looking at 4+ games anyway.

  4. I read an article on ESPN about Wade pulling together his appeal based on the Patriots sanction. It said that he used it for personal reasons and did not distribute, so I stand corrected. It’s certainly up to Roger whether the appeal holds merit, but I would definitely say Wade’s got a case. Although, I hold true to my previous statement that following the league’s further review of the Patriots technology program, more sanctions may fall down on them making the penalty stiffer against the Patriots. One former scout of the Patriots has some pretty damaging evidence of unethical requests from Belichick, but again all hearsay.

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