Lincoln Update


This little boy, Lincoln Robert, is extremely eager to join us on the outside world. I was home this weekend in Florida to attend the baby shower for my brother and sister in law’s first child. Tuesday morning (the day I was to leave), Janet’s water broke at 32 weeks (out of 40). We spent all day yesterday at the hospital, and as of right now, she and the baby were stabilized, but he has not been delivered, yet. Apparently, if your water breaks and you are not having contractions (not in active labor), the baby can be stabilized inside the womb for up to 2 weeks. Janet’s doctor said 70% of women who go through this deliver within 7 days. She is on antibiotics to prevent infection (which is a higher risk with the water broken). His heartbeat is strong, fluctuating between 140 and 155. Her blood pressure is as stable (and very close to normal) as they can get it for someone who has chronic hypertension. They have given her the two steroid shots they can to help with Lincoln’s lung development as much as possible before delivery. They would like the second steroid shot to be in her body for 24 hours (which means a Thursday morning delivery at the earliest if she can hold on that long). The doctor’s seem to think that anything after Thursday is ideal. However, if tests she is undergoing currently come back indicating she has preeclampsia, the baby will likely have to be delivered some time tonight since preeclampsia is harmful for both mother and baby. The doctor’s indicate that babies who are born at 32 weeks (barring any other complications) typically stay in the hospital for about 3 weeks and then get to go home. This is our hope. If you are a prayerful person, we would appreciate any and all of them. Thank you!


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  1. I will be praying for him to hold out a while longer and for a safe and healthy delivery!

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