Ten Things I Think I Think

Every Monday morning, on Sports Illustrated’s website, Peter King writes a column called Monday Morning Quarterback. In it he includes a section called “Ten Things I Think I Think.” Typically, they’re about the NFL and how he thinks certain players will perform or teams will do. I started actually listening to the thoughts I have on a daily basis and actually analyzing them only to realize that I have my own set of things I think I think.

And, Erin, I promise these are not all about sports…a good number of them are, but not all of them.

  1. I think I’m ready for the Fall TV season to begin like yesterday. While I value not having to figure out which show I’m going to DVR versus watch live every night, and I value being able to go to bed early if I so choose, I’m ready to know what happens next, darn it! Are Mer and Der really over? Part of me actually hopes so. How are Sam and Dean going to fight off all those demons let loose and will Dean really have to give up his soul at the end of the season? For Eric Kripke’s sake, he better make me happy. Will The CW, nee The WB, ever be the same again now that Gilmore Girls is gone? I’ve shown a major reduction in the number of shows I watch on that network, so we’ll see. And seriously…Did Tony know who Jeanne’s father was or was he genuinely surprised? For intrigue purposes and continuing to screw up Tony’s relationships, I’m gonna go with he knew.
  2. I think I have even more respect for Bridget Moynahan since she named her baby (fathered by Patriots QB Tom Brady). John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born last week. Not only did she NOT give him Brady for a last name, but she gave the boy initials that spell JET…one of the Patriots’ conference rivals. ROCK IT, sister! That may have been unintentional on Bridget’s part, but I’m giving her credit for it anyway.
  3. I think I’m getting old based solely on the fact that I’m going to more and more baby showers for my friends and less and less wedding showers for them. I’m not really sure how I feel about that.
  4. I think Pre-season games are a necessary evil in the NFL. They are the most significant way to evaluate the players on the roster in real time game situations before the final cut down to 53. Training camp and practice aren’t good enough unless they can start really hitting people. However, I do not think franchises should charge full ticket price for the games. That’s ridiculous. Speaking of Pre-Season…If money-grubbing, power-hungry Dan Snyder (owner of the Redskins) can afford a generator the size of Rhode Island to back up the power on his mansion in the Virginia suburbs, you’d think he could afford such a thing for Fed-Ex Field so the lights don’t go out during those Pre-Season games he’s charging full price for.
  5. I think I’m coming dangerously close to moving. And by moving I mean another city/state/region. I’ve become an increasingly angry person over the last 6 years that I’ve lived here, and am starting to understand what “a product of your surroundings” really means. Of course any action would be a year or two or three years out because I never move unless I have a job. I’m kind of unspontaneous that way. Cities on my radar: Tuscaloosa, Indianapolis, Savannah, Bristol (CT…not TN). Of course, the list grows daily.
  6. I think I’ve started treating the football off season (thru to the end of Pre-Season play) like a person who grew up on a farm. You don’t name the animals because on certain farms, those animals aren’t around very long. So I think I’ve started not learning too much about the players on the roster until the 53 man team is finalized. It saves me in heartache in the long run if I don’t know too much about them because I love my boys, and I hate to see any of them go. I’m still trying to recuperate from the free agency loss of Cato June. I loved that kid.
  7. I think this is my favorite part of Michael Vick’s plea agreement: Under terms of the agreement, Vick has to pay for all the costs associated with the 53 dogs living on his property and now being housed at a Virginia animal shelter. If the dogs are euthanized (most, if not all, have been trained in a manner that they cannot be house pets), Vick will have to pay for the cost of putting them to sleep. This shouldn’t be too hard for Vick to handle since he’s been paying for killing these dogs for the past 6 years just in far less humane ways.
  8. I think this whole ordeal between Tiki Barber and Eli Manning should just die a quick and painless death at this point. There is no objective opinion that can be made on the subject. The majority of football players will stick up for other players when they are attacked by the media, and the majority of the media will stick up for other reporters when they are attacked by the players. I do, however, want to hear Tiki’s take on say any other team besides the Giants because it seems to me at this point that that is all he knows about. If he was hired to work with NBC’s Sunday Night Football crew then he’s gonna have to know a little bit about the other 31 teams in the league. Also, I think Eli needs to let his actions speak volumes. Prove to everyone who is siding with Tiki that he was wrong and be the quarterback Eli was hired to be. Leave it all on the field.
  9. I think I may explode before the end of the NASCAR season. My sweet Jeff Gordon has been in the #1 spot in the chase for much of the season, and the fact that Tony Stewart passed Denny Hamlin for the #2 spot after last week’s race completely unnerves me. I don’t care for many of the driver’s on the Nextel Cup circuit, and Tony Stewart is probably the one I dislike the most. There are way too many races left for this girl to handle. Somehow I need to get on the bus with Jeff who keeps saying that even if he doesn’t win, this year will mean so much more to him because this was the year he became a father to precious Ella Sophia.
  10. I think JaMarcus Russell should have stayed at LSU for his senior season. If he was going to be this greedy (he wants more than half of his total contract value in guaranteed money) and not sign a contract with the Raiders, he should have stayed put in college. At least there, he would have his full ride paid for (and being in the SEC…much more than his full ride paid for) and he’d be on a WINNING team.

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  1. both the Edward and Thomas in Bridget’s son’s name comes from Tom Brady (Thomas Edward Brady, Jr.). just another tidbit. and i think you have an exciting prospect if you are really thinking of moving. i would definitely miss you, but you have the entire world at your disposal!!

  2. I still think it’s funny that the initials spell JET. 🙂 But more importantly, I’m proud of her for giving him her name last name instead of Tom’s.

    It’s gonna take a lot for me to be a Tom Brady fan, so I’m going to find humor in these little things.

  3. I think I had a stroke or something…I don’t remember anything you said after the words “move from the area/state/region”…..who in the WORLD will I get to teach Seedlings?!!!! You can’t do that to me! Well…not without training a replacement anyway!

  4. Responses limited to things I have an opinion on:

    1. HEROES starts 9/24! That is pretty much all I care about TV wise, until January when we find out if “24” can redeem itself from last season. Christine and I have discovered a few interesting summer shows…I recommend EUREKA on the SciFi channel and BURN NOTICE on USA. Also, if you don’t have a TiVo or DVR, it is a worthwhile investment that will free up your time or at least allow more flexability.

    5. I understand. I grew up here and I often get disgusted with the grossly-overpriced housing, the overpopulation, the kamikaze traffic, and the self-importance and poor manners of city folk. You would be missed though.

    7. Yes!

  5. I was worried that he was named after John Edwards, which would be scary because he’s a politician, not because he’s a Democrat. But then I realized that there’s no “S” at the end, which means he’s named after that creepy guy who talks to dead people on cable.


  6. I am looking forward to fall tv too! I don’t watch many shows, but I am tired of not finding anything to watch in the evenings. Maybe you should add Dallas to your list!

  7. I’m with Ellyn….MOVING????

  8. Ellyn and Jacque: Please note that I said it was at least a year out if not more and that I don’t move unless I have a job wherever I’m going. I haven’t started looking, so I think you’re safe for a bit. To Ellyn, specifically, of course I would train a new Seedlings person, but since Seedlings was around long before I came around, I’m quite certain it will survive.

    Odgie: I haven’t seen any of those shows you mentioned, but I do have a DVR (which I LOVE almost as much as I love Humberto the TV). My summer shows, primarily, consist of The Closer, Monk, and Psyche. Oh and the Bill Engvall show, which was pretty stinking hilarious.

    Jeff: Please note that Kelli said the names came from Tom’s name, so no politicians or anyone who talks to dead people. The baby is only named after an overrated QB who stepped into the system of a lifetime where he didn’t have to really work for his Super Bowl rings as long as he ran the plays the way Bill wanted him to and he had Adam Vinatieri, and thinks he’s going to be a hands on dad during a grueling 17 week (at least) NFL season while living on the other side of the country from the child. If you ask me, based on this, I might take the psychic.

    Jill: Evenings are rough, but there’s always books, right. 🙂 Sorry, but I can’t put Texas on my list. I grew up in Florida and few places I know can give the Florida heat a run for its money…and that’s Texas. Believe me, Tuscaloosa and Savannah are ranked lower on the list because of climate.

  9. I love these kind of blogs! So much to think about…fall TV, moving, babies, and think there was some sports junk in there too!

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