Monday, the President of the United States, per tradition, welcomed the Super Bowl Champions to the White House for a visit. Thanks to my most gracious, kind, and wonderful friend Sammie (and yes I’d say that about you even if you hadn’t gotten me in) got me on the list of invitees. His name has replaced mine in my parents’ wills, per my request. And as you’ll see in the pictures, I was pretty close to the action. The entire team wasn’t there, but a good number of them were…including some that will not be on the 2007 roster. I’m still matching faces in my pictures with names because I know that a lot of the 3rd string depth chart and the practice squad was there (YEA JOSH BETTS!). Their faces are less recognizable to me than the Bob Sanders, Tarik Glenn, and Reggie Wayne’s of the group.

Monday just seemed to tie a nice little bow on top of the gift that was the 2006 season. I have lots of memories (good and bad) from this season, but this one took the cake. After President Bush’s speech, which was actually pretty good and you can read here, he took some pictures with the entire team, received a few gifts, and then was led off of the South Lawn as were the players. However, some of the players stopped on their way out to sign autographs and shake hands with the Colts faithful in attendance. I got to meet Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, and Adam Vinatieri. That was priceless. Dallas was absolutely sweet, Jeff was gracious and humble, and Adam was patient and kind…Just as I expected them to be. Tony Dungy and Peyton were led away from the crowd because the event coordinators decided they’d hung around too long with the special guests in attendance (senators, Condoleeza Rice, etc.), so I didn’t get to meet them…someday though…even if it’s in Heaven. I didn’t actually go with the expectation of meeting any of them. I just wanted to be there with them…to experience, with them, the culmination of what they’d worked so hard for…to be a part of the Colts family for just one afternoon…to nod my head in complete agreement when the President spoke of their perseverance and good hearts…to know that no one can take this away from them…to know that I will never forget every second of Monday afternoon as long as I live.


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  1. I’m so excited for you that you got to be there! That was a great Monday. And thanks again for inviting us to the game with you Saturday (or should I call it an “expedition”)! =)

  2. Congratulations, I know this was a dream come true for you

  3. i love how you are also wearing colts blue. 🙂 i’m so glad you got to do that! i wish i could do that… but i’m not sure the o’s will win the world series before i lose my contacts in DC… or while i’m alive for that matter. 😉 what a great monday!!!

  4. Kelli…I planned it that way. My mom found that sweater set for me for Easter. Isn’t it PERFECT?!?!

  5. love the hearts! nice touch, ’cause that’s how I felt too!

  6. That is so awesome!! I’m so excited and happy for you!!

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