What a Week…and it’s only Thursday!

This week has already been so incredibly fantastic and there’s so much more to come. For the TV lovers (like me) out there, this is the first real premiere week. My TIVO (read: Cox DVR) is in overdrive. No fumes have come out just yet, but she’s definitely getting a workout. I already love Studio 60. Right there at the end of the first show I could see the Aaron Sorkin spark and I can’t wait for more. For those of you who were worried you’d see Chandler too much in Matthew Perry’s character, I didn’t see a hint of him. This is a totally different character and I love it. He and Bradley Whitford are a great pairing as Executive Producers of the show within the show. There was a little altering in my schedule/commute home last night, so I missed my timing to be able to see last night’s shows. However, if you are one of those people who has yet to give Justice on FOX a chance…you are missing out. It’s really fantastic to the point where Wednesdays can’t come soon enough. (I haven’t said that since Dawson’s Creek was on.) But today…my friends…today is Thursday, September 21st. And you know what that means…yes…that’s right…it’s Grey’s Anatomy day!!! I woke up a little tired this morning, but there was a commercial on my radio about Grey’s Anatomy and I perked right up. Tonight the show opens it’s 3rd season on a new night and time and really…9pm seems lightyears away. But rest assured, I will be in front of my TV with a good portion of the rest of the Eastern time zone at 9pm to find out whether Meredith chose Derek or Finn!

Aside from TV, yesterday was pay day and this weekend I go to Indianapolis to watch a beaten up Colts team (could someone from the Colts organization please give me a concrete answer on whether Freeney and Vinatieri are going to play…this wishy washy stuff is driving me insane.) take on the Jacksonville Jaguars who have decided to prove to the NFL that they have a defense after all. Trust me…I’m not sitting pretty in this match up. I’ve seen Peyton play twice before (college and pro) and his team has won both games. I think this Sunday may be the end of that streak. The Colts/Jags game has maybe once or twice been decided by a double digit spread and yes, the Jags have come out on top a couple times. I think we can safely say I’m nervous, but so terribly excited to be going to the game and to Indianapolis.

Well that’s been my week thus far. I’m loving the weather, the TV, the pay check, and the future. Bring it on!


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Lazy Pancreas Owner. TV/Movie/Theatre Junkie. Sports Fanatic. Peyton Manning Expert. Alabama Graduate. Car Karaoke Performer. Believer In Love. Come along for the ride.

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  1. I was waiting to give you my take on Colts/Jags but I pretty much think the same as you. Jacksonville has beaten 2 fairly formidable teams so far and looked pretty good doing it. The Colts offense vs Jags defense should be a great matchup. I haven’t checked the TV schedule yet, but that’s the one I want to see this week. Should be a close one either way.

  2. Unfortunately, the Colts are on at 1pm and there is no CBS 1pm game in this area. So, unless you’ve got NFL Sunday Ticket, you’re out of luck. However, I did see on the Colts’ website that the Jags have returned some of their allotment of tickets and there are some available for Sunday’s game. Feel free to join us at the RCA Dome. 🙂

  3. I’d be willing to make an impromptu road trip to Indy, but I’m not sure about the reception I’d get when I came back. Oh well, I probably ought to spend the time working on school or something, you know since I’m uh..well you know…a (cough) law student.

  4. I was so incredibly excited yesterday and sadly enough I was more excited that it was the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy than my sister’s birthday. I love Grey’s Anatomy.

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