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It’s taken a while for the NFL to catch up with something I’ve known for a long time, but finally the Associated Press recognized one of the most underated players in the league. He is the only person that I would ever want Peyton to lose the MVP award to, and that is exactly what happened…

Congratulations, Shaun. I am proud to be an alumnus with you.

Alexander easily wins MVP honors wire reports
NEW YORK (Jan. 5, 2006) — Shaun Alexander set an NFL record for touchdowns, led the league in rushing and ran away with The Associated Press Most Valuable Player award.
And with free agency on the horizon, the Seattle running back could parlay his sensational year into unprecedented riches.

Alexander spearheaded the Seahawks’ rise to the best record in the NFL, including a victory over the league’s other 14-2 team, the Colts. It was the most productive season in Seahawks history, one in which Alexander scored 28 touchdowns and rushed for 1,880 yards.

That earned him 19 votes from a nationwide panel of 50 sports writers and broadcasters who cover the NFL. He ended the two-year reign of Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning, who received 13 votes.

“I think that is a team goal,” Alexander said of winning the award. “The way I always looked at MVPs was it was a player that did really, really good on a really, really good team. That is why I am even more excited about this year, because I have put together some great numbers, but we have a great team.”

Those great numbers included 11 games rushing for 100 yards or more, topped by 173 against Arizona on Nov. 6. He scored 27 TDs on the ground and one as a receiver to break Priest Holmes ‘ seasonal record by one.

His lowest output was in a game in Philadelphia, a 42-0 romp in which he played only the first half and had 49 yards in the snow.

Alexander became the only player in NFL history with at least 15 TDs in five straight seasons and the fourth with consecutive 20-touchdown years. He also became Seattle’s career rushing leader this season.

“It’s just like all the things — the rushing title, the MVP, all those things — it’s exciting to talk about,” said the sixth-year pro out of Alabama. “But I don’t think it would mean that much until after I retire, because then it would actually hit me what it means.

“Right now, we’re on this ride and it’s just kind of one of those things; everything is kind of numb to us. It’s all exciting. We’re already in the second round of the playoffs, we’ve just got a bunch of cool things that we are really not used to.”

Seattle would like to get used to having Alexander in the backfield. But he could leave in the offseason.

He was designated the Seahawks’ franchise player before this season and accepted the team’s one-year, $6.323 million offer — with a proviso. The team agreed not to use the same franchise tag on him in 2006.

So either the Seahawks come up with a huge financial package, or the MVP could be scoring touchdowns and gaining all those yards elsewhere next season.

“It is a business,” he said. “The Seahawks have to make their own decisions. I am going to be happy for whatever they do.”

Alexander is the first Seahawk to win the award. He also is the first running back voted MVP since Marshall Faulk in 2000.

Trailing Manning in the balloting were New England quarterback Tom Brady with 10 votes, New York Giants running back Tiki Barber with six and Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer with two.


Nelson Bennett

Per the momma and the daddy’s request, here is a link to the Nelson page on Katherine’s sister’s blog where you can see additional photos of the little man. The pictures go back through Katherine’s pregnancy as well, but the most recent photos are at the top of the page.

Nelson’s Page


Let the Games Begin

I’m officially scared, nervous, anxious, worried, etc. etc. etc. The playoffs begin Saturday, and while the Colts have the week off due to their division win and best AFC record status, I’m still nervous as all get out because every team that I didn’t want them to have to play in the playoffs is in the playoffs. I realize that they are playing the best in the AFC, but it certainly doesn’t help my blood pressure any to think of the prospects for their first playoff game. Thankfully they won’t have to play Denver on that first game because the idea of Peyton vs. John Lynch is keeping me up at night. Add to that the fact that the Colts will have play at least someone they have already beaten during the season…possibly someone they’ve already beaten twice this season. Teams hold grudges and I don’t even want to think of the grudge held by some of these teams. After that Arizona game on Sunday and seeing the playoff picture, I just thought to myself that Indy is going to have to bring it. No slacking off, no we should win just because we’re Indy…no they’re going to have to bring it…every bit of it that they have…every game…because none of these teams are going to lie down and die for them.

So I decided a couple weeks back when I started getting scared, nervous, anxious, blah, blah, blah…that maybe I should come to terms with the idea of them not making the super bowl. So I sat down and thought about it. I desperately want them to go this year because I think they have a great team and I don’t know that Tony Dungy will ever have this great of a team again. Peyton (Heaven help me) much like John Elway is talented enough to eventually win a super bowl…even if it has to come during his last seasons in the NFL. Therefore, while I really would love to see it happen this year…I’ve come to terms with the idea that it won’t be the end of the world if they don’t. God determines the end of the world, and I doubt He’s planning to end it just because the Colts don’t make it to the super bowl. Call it a hunch. 🙂

In any case…let the games begin and may the best team win…the best team that plays with everything, every game and not just the best team on that particular day.

Alabama’s Newest Fan

In the Clutch…

It was a game that saw one of the best offenses square off against one of the best defenses. It was a game that put MIKE Leach against Mike Shula. It was a game that put Cody vs. Brodie. But more importantly it was a bad episode of What Not To Wear with fire-engine red and crimson red in the stands together. Oh how they clashed, but on the field…it was one rough game, and I’m still wondering if it really happened the way it did. When Tech scored that last touchdown of the game to tie the score at 10-10, I just knew Jamie was going to have our backs. He’d been doing it most of the season…coming in for the clutch kick. All we had to rely on was Brodie getting him into field goal range. 45 yards…his longest ever if he made it. We held our breath, we couldn’t celebrate until we saw the referees put their hands up, and then we were just stunned. It was par for the course that our season should end that way with Jamie kicking us into the W column. I was just so proud of how they played. They didn’t give up and they fought hard. I was equally proud of Texas Tech who gave us a run for our money and kept up with us the whole time. Cody Hodges is one strong cat for coming back in the game after tearing some ligaments in his knee. Now that’s what I call playing with heart and not giving up. I even thought we were going to lose during most of the game. (Ye of little faith…I know.) Jamie’s kick was the ugliest we’ve seen all year, but as long as it sails through the uprights, it counts no matter how it looks. So…

Congrats to the seniors for staring adversity square in the eyes and not letting it get you down. For saying, this is OUR Alabama Football legacy no matter who the coach is. Congrats to Mike Shula (my vote for SEC coach of the year) for taking a team that was so emotionally scarred by the time you got to them and teaching them what it means to play 4 quarters, again. Congrats to Jamie for being a phenomenal clutch kicker and being consistent. Every time you miss your first FG, we win the game on your last FG. You are now in the record books with the likes of Joe Montana as the only players to win the Cotton Bowl in the last seconds of the game. But more importantly, kudos to you for not giving up on your dream of playing college football. You had to walk-on at Alabama to get your kicking position and for that perseverance, I thank you. This was the 53rd Bowl appearance for the Tide and the 30th win…both NCAA records…but this last one was special because of what this team has been through at the hands of players and coaches who are no longer students or employees of the University.

This is my last Alabama football post until September (unless something fantastic happens at the NFL draft in April). I know some of you are thankful, but at least now you know some of the things that I’m passionate about. So, everyone together now…one more time…just for Jamie!!