In the Clutch…

It was a game that saw one of the best offenses square off against one of the best defenses. It was a game that put MIKE Leach against Mike Shula. It was a game that put Cody vs. Brodie. But more importantly it was a bad episode of What Not To Wear with fire-engine red and crimson red in the stands together. Oh how they clashed, but on the field…it was one rough game, and I’m still wondering if it really happened the way it did. When Tech scored that last touchdown of the game to tie the score at 10-10, I just knew Jamie was going to have our backs. He’d been doing it most of the season…coming in for the clutch kick. All we had to rely on was Brodie getting him into field goal range. 45 yards…his longest ever if he made it. We held our breath, we couldn’t celebrate until we saw the referees put their hands up, and then we were just stunned. It was par for the course that our season should end that way with Jamie kicking us into the W column. I was just so proud of how they played. They didn’t give up and they fought hard. I was equally proud of Texas Tech who gave us a run for our money and kept up with us the whole time. Cody Hodges is one strong cat for coming back in the game after tearing some ligaments in his knee. Now that’s what I call playing with heart and not giving up. I even thought we were going to lose during most of the game. (Ye of little faith…I know.) Jamie’s kick was the ugliest we’ve seen all year, but as long as it sails through the uprights, it counts no matter how it looks. So…

Congrats to the seniors for staring adversity square in the eyes and not letting it get you down. For saying, this is OUR Alabama Football legacy no matter who the coach is. Congrats to Mike Shula (my vote for SEC coach of the year) for taking a team that was so emotionally scarred by the time you got to them and teaching them what it means to play 4 quarters, again. Congrats to Jamie for being a phenomenal clutch kicker and being consistent. Every time you miss your first FG, we win the game on your last FG. You are now in the record books with the likes of Joe Montana as the only players to win the Cotton Bowl in the last seconds of the game. But more importantly, kudos to you for not giving up on your dream of playing college football. You had to walk-on at Alabama to get your kicking position and for that perseverance, I thank you. This was the 53rd Bowl appearance for the Tide and the 30th win…both NCAA records…but this last one was special because of what this team has been through at the hands of players and coaches who are no longer students or employees of the University.

This is my last Alabama football post until September (unless something fantastic happens at the NFL draft in April). I know some of you are thankful, but at least now you know some of the things that I’m passionate about. So, everyone together now…one more time…just for Jamie!!



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  1. Ugly, yet oh so beautiful. September is soooo long away. 😦

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