Will this year ever end?!?! I swear I have had a lifetime of customer service debacles in just this one year. I just don’t get it. Murphy is after me and I can’t seem to shake him. Someday I’ll figure out the reason I’ve experienced so much “torture” at the hands of folks who are “monitored for quality control assurance.” But, until then, here’s the latest in the saga…

I moved into my new rental townhouse, and moving from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 3 level 3 bedroom townhouse brought with it the need for more furniture. As such, I moved my existing furniture into the guest room to prepare for my beautiful new bedroom furniture and mattress set. My 1st mistake was probably purchasing the bedroom set and mattress set from two different vendors. The furniture came from Value City and the mattress set was ordered from JCPenney. I’m a frugal kind of girl. If I can save a penny, I likely will. So, Value City had a great deal on the furniture and JCPenney had the best deal on mattresses for Columbus Day weekend. My friend Katherine agreed to sit at my house whenever the deliveries were made, so I asked that the deliveries be made on the same day: 10/20/05. They call you the day before and let you know what your delivery time window is, so you can be prepared. Well Value City calls and says when they’ll be coming. JCPenney calls and says the same thing. Then JCPenney calls back and says that my mattress arrived from the manufacturer, but the box spring did not.

UGH! So they re-scheduled the delivery of my mattress set for the next Thursday (10/27/05). Well I was getting on a plane to go to my brother’s wedding on the 26th and Katherine couldn’t make it that day to sit in my house. So I had to ask my friend Jessica to go sit in my house via Ashley dropping off the key to my house at the church so Jessica could get in. I have great friends! Well then I check my messages from Florida and discover that the manufacturer again did not send the box spring and I’m re-scheduled for the next Thursday (11/3/05) when NO ONE I KNOW CAN BE AT THE HOUSE because it’s Powerhouse week and everyone is pre-occupied with much more important things than my stupid mattress (YEA FOR POWERHOUSE…CAN’T WAIT!!). Well it works out that if they call about 30 minutes out, then Katherine can be at the house to let them in and then go back to what she was doing before. Great…things are falling into place. YEAH RIGHT…

The delivery people come and deliver the mattress yesterday afternoon. I’m like great…I get to sleep in MY bedroom instead of the guest room tonight. Man, Murphy has a sense of humor. I get home and take one look at my mattress and say it’s the wrong one. THEY DELIVERED THE WRONG STINKING MATTRESS. I ordered the Serta Perfect Sleeper with EuroTop. What they delivered was the Serta Perfect Sleeper Firm mattress, which is ok if you like sleeping on a piece of hard wood. I personally don’t as I’ve never been in the military nor do I have back problems. The problem is that this mattress sat in the warehouse waiting for the box spring for 3 weeks and NO ONE could figure out in that amount of time that it was the wrong mattress.

Needless to say, JCPenney is on notice and I’m waiting to hear how they’re going to get themselves out of this one. Webster has yet to invent a word that describes how angry I am right now with the whole situation. And I suspect by the end of it all, I will have a new FREE mattress in my house.



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  1. beds are funny. Took Shayna and I awhile as well to get our furniture straightened out. We got the matress from matress discounters (which was no problem whatsoever) and the frame from nationwide warehouse. I like the furniture they have there..just don’t expect it to be delivered.

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