I’ve been to a lot of birthday parties in my 27 years of life (and people wonder why I have such an obsession over cake), but last night I attended my very first birthday baptism. Why, yes, I’ve been to many baptisms, but never one in conjunction with a physical birthday. It was such a cool idea…why didn’t I think of it. So, last night my dear, sweet, lovable, shy, funny, beautiful friend Ann became my newest sister in Christ. Our worship minister, Murray, talked a little bit about his conversations with Ann leading up to her decision, and one of the reasons she gave for not having been baptized, yet was because she didn’t like being the center of attention. That thought kind of stuck in my head because that was part of my resistance as well 7 years ago. But then it struck me how absolutely pure that is. When you put God first, being the center of attention (whether you liked being so or not) becomes secondary. The beauty of it all is that through baptism we aren’t making ourselves the center of attention, we’re asking Jesus to be the center of our life. In any case, Ann chose to do a baptism that was so very similar to mine. It was quiet and she was surrounded by her friends (who hopefully know her best). It is definitely the most eventful evening I will have this week because whenever I am witness to a baptism, I love to imagine the shouts and cheers in heaven at that moment. Ann showed me a new facet of humility that I pray I will always remember and be able to replicate in my own life. Welcome to the family, my sister. Oh, and happy birth and re-birth day. Pictures

P.S. We went to Macaroni Grill after the baptism to celebrate, and when we left there was a car in the parking lot with RECRE8D on its license tag. Whether their intent was spiritual or not, I kind of thought it was the perfect bookend to the evening.


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  1. Thanks for giving Ann the shout out! I didn’t see the license plate but THAT IS AWESOME!

  2. Leann, those pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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